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Bosch India's first smart campus comes up in Bengaluru

Bosch India a leading supplier of technology and services, expanded its AloT activities in India by transforming its headquarters and the 76acre manufacturing facility based in Adugodi situated in the heart of Bengaluru. Bosch began the 800 crores investment over the past five years in developing its first smart campus called Spark, NXT. which has the capacity to potentially house 10,000 associates.

The first smart campus of Bosch in India featuring multiple smart solutions based on sustainability, security and user experience for associates, visitors and facility management was Virtually inaugurated by the Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modiji in the presence of the Chief Guest Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka Sri Basavaraj Bommai. This also marked the 100 years of Bosch in India.

Honourable Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi in his inaugural address said " It is a special year for both India and Bosch India, as the nation celebrates 75 years of Independence and Bosch celebrates a century of its presence in india. 100 years ago, Bosch came to India as a German company and now it is s much Indian as German. This is a great example of German engineering and Indian energy. This campus will take lead in developing futuristic products and solutions for India and for the world. I urge Bosch to think of doing more in India and set goals for the next 25 years."

.Bosch DEEPSIGHTS is an advance AIoT powered analytics platform for industry 4.0 that provides smart energy and water management to bolster sustainability and excellence in optimising resources and managing utilities. While saving up to 6 percent energy per annum, the platform also improves operational efficiency by 8 percent.

. The Bosch Intelligent Air-Conditioning and Comfort Assistant ( BIANCA ) is a smart solution developed to improve employee comfort at the campus and reduce the latter's carbon footprint. By optimising heating, ventilating and air-conditioning operations ( HVAC ) based on occupancy and thermal preferences, BIANCA can reduce HVAC energy consumption by 30 to 50 percent.

. Bosch has also developed an ambient air-quality monitoring solution to constantly monitor key noise and air pollutants. This data will be shared with associates in real time to enhance their well-being.

. The WayFinder application helps in navigating the campus with ease. Additionally, the smart parking solution Park ZEUS offers a seamless parking experience for both associates and visitors, making the task convenient and sustainable. -3-4 mins of lesser time for parking results in annual savings of 1500+ man days, 2500+ litres of fuel and 5000+kgs of CO2. This solution also reduces manual security efforts by 50 percent.

. Bosch Building Technologies offers smart solutions to maximise the security of people and premises. These discreet applications combine access control, intrusion detection and intelligent surveillance with advanced video analytics featuring two-factor authentication.

. The Visitors Management System is designed to offer a delightful visitor and employee experience at the Spark. NXT campus while streamlining facility management, reducing wait times by 75 percent.

" The Spark,NXT compus will provide inspiring working conditions for associates to focus on the development of user-centric innovations for a better quality of life in India," said Filiz Albrecht, member of the board of management and director of Industrial Relations at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Speaking at the inauguration, Soumitra Bhattacharya, managing director of Bosch Limited and president of the Bosch Group, India, said: " Bosch has been part of the transformation in India for the last 100 years, during this era we have revolutionised the mobility and the ' beyond mobility' ecosystem. With our new Spark,NXT campus, the company continues to invest in smart and sustainable solutions that are 'Invented for life" and supports the government's vision for an Atmanirbhar Bharat."



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