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Back to Back European Rally Championship Victory for MRF

MRF Tyres, achieved its back-to-back titles in the European Rally Championship (ERC)


The prestigious trophy was received by Mr. Arun Mammen, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of MRF Tyres, during a ceremony held in Baku, Azerbaijan and organized by the Féderation Internationale de Automobile (FIA) on the 9 of December 2023.


This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the performance and development of MRF Tyres, solidifying the brand's continued growth in Europe and across the globe.


"We are very proud and humbled with the success so far, and a big credit goes to the technical and development team at MRF Tyres. We also extend our thanks to our drivers, co-drivers and teams who played a vital role in the development and performance of MRF Tyres." said Mr. Arun Mammen Vice-Chairman and managing director of MRF Tyres.




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