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Evotron Motorsports Revolutionizes Motorsports Landscape with Launch of EV Racing and Bengaluru EV Festival

Evotron Motorsports, a pioneer in the motorsports industry, is  excited to announce its ground-breaking initiative to introduce EV Racing to India with the  launch of the Bengaluru EV Festival. Scheduled to take place in September 2024, the festival  heralds a new era in motorsports, blending the thrill of racing with the sustainability of  electric vehicles. 

For this one make races initially Ather will be providing 25 scooters for this venture, where as Tork Motors will provide the bikes.

The Bengaluru EV Festival will feature separate one make races, each dedicated to the  respective Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) separately. With professional and  novice categories, the festival aims to make racing accessible to all while promoting skill  development and safety on the track. The professional category will be by invitation only,  while the novice category will be open for registration on the festival website -

Novice Category Selection Process: 

1. Registration: Participants can register on the festival website on a first-come-first-served  basis until registrations close. 

2. Classroom Sessions: Registered participants will undergo classroom sessions on the  theory of racing, covering topics such as racing etiquette, safety measures, and track rules. 3. On-Track Sessions: Participants will receive practical training on track riding basics,  including cornering techniques, braking, and throttle control. 

4. Practice Laps: Each participant will have the opportunity to complete a limited number of  practice laps on the track under the guidance of experienced instructors. 5. Qualifying Rounds: The fastest 16 participants from the practice sessions will be selected  to advance to the qualifying round. 

6. Intensive Training: The selected participants will undergo an intensive one-day race  training program to prepare for the main race. 

7. Final Qualifying: A final qualifying round will determine the top 8 racers who will compete  in the main race. 

8. Main Race: The main race will feature the top 8 participants, with prizes awarded to the  top 3 winners. 

In collaboration with the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), Evotron  Motorsports is working to standardize racing and the rulebook around EVs, ensuring safety,  fairness, and professionalism in the sport. Additionally, efforts are underway to promote  skilling in the industry and create a green, clean, and sustainable racing platform, with  support from the government. 

The Bengaluru EV Festival will not only be a showcase event but also a festival celebrating  the future of mobility. Alongside racing, attendees can enjoy music, DJs, food and drink  stalls, activities, and showcase events. The festival will culminate in a headline rock show in  the evening, making it an unforgettable experience for all.

"We are thrilled to introduce Racing EVs to India and launch the Bengaluru EV Festival," said  Deepak Chinnappa, CEO of Evotron Motorsports. "This event represents the convergence of  innovation, sustainability, and excitement, and we are excited to see the impact it will have  on the motorsports industry." 

Evotron Motorsports extends its gratitude to all partners, OEMs, and supporters for their  invaluable contributions to this initiative. Together, we are driving the future of motorsports  and shaping a sustainable racing landscape for generations to come. 

Looking ahead, Evotron Motorsports plans to expand its reach with a series of events in  multiple cities and explore other forms of motorsports, ensuring that the spirit of innovation  and sustainability continues to thrive in the industry. 

In partnership with RedFM 93.5, Evotron Motorsports will drive marketing efforts and  provide coverage of all activities leading up to and during the Bengaluru EV Festival, further  amplifying the message of sustainability and excitement in the world of motorsports. 



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