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Wrangler announces the Winners of True Wanderer 8.

Wrangler’s True Wanderer, started in 2012, continues to be an increasingly popular annual event for the people who want to celebrate their love for the open road and the adventure of travelling.

In 2019, thousands applied to be a part of the eighth season and 12 True Wanderer finalists were selected to go on the trip around India to a destination of their choice. They could choose to travel by car, bike, foot or any mode of transportation of their choice whilst completing travel-related challenges set by Wrangler.

The 12 finalists, styled in Wrangler apparel, took wandering to a whole new level as they showcased the passions that drive their wanderlust. They captured the highlights of their epic road trips and shared it with the True Wanderer community with interesting and inspiring stories, photographs and videos. Their experiences can be found at 

Based on public votes and the scores of an elite judging panel, Wrangler True Wanderer Season 8.0 announces the winners. 

The first prize has been won by Pranay Metta from Hyderabad who has won a fully paid trip to Switzerland

The second prize has been claimed by Mr. Ravi Rana from Delhi , trip to Andaman & Nicobar.

 The third prize winner has been shared by Mr.Clifford D'costa from Mumbai and Ms. Saanjhi Rawat from Dehradun, trip to Leh.

Mr. Pranay Metta, winner of True wanderer 8.0 was accompanied by his fellow traveler Suryachaitanya Vanapalli and rode from Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam. The First Runner up winner of True wanderer 8.0 Mr. Ravi Rana, was accompanied by his fellow traveler Rupesh Aka Sonu and travelled from Delhi to Meghalayas. The Third place winner of True wanderer 8.0, Mr.Clifford D'costa was accompanied by his fellow traveler Raunak Almeida who started his journey from Mumbai to Ganpatipule along the Malvan region - Goa - Hampi - Kolhapur and back to Mumbai via Pune and Mr. Saanjhi Rawat, the Third Place winner of True wanderer 8.0 was accompanied by her mother who explored the outskirts of Dehradun.



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