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The Next-Gen Hector is built to further enhance the on-road experience with higher levels of safety.

MG Motor India unveiled the Next-Gen Hector which has a host of exciting new technologies, intuitive features and driving comfort. The Next-Gen Hector is built to further enhance the on-road experience with even better levels of safety and driving convenience. The new SUV, with its all-new striking bold exterior and mesmerising interiors, evolved safety features, and elegant design elements offer an unprecedented drive and user experience. The Next-Gen Hector, which is being offered in5, 6, and 7-seater configurations, offers intelligently designed seating options, plush interiors, and ample space.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajeev Chaba, President and Managing Director, MG Motor India, said, “We are grateful to our customers for the overwhelming response to the MG Hector since its launch in 2019. Hector brought with it the first-ever experience of an internet car. This Next-Gen Hector enhances the stance of the MG Hector through looks, interiors, and technology. It comes with the assurance of our MG Shield program which offers a hassle-free and smooth ownership experience for our customers who can experience the Next-Gen Hector for themselves at our 300 centres across India”.

It also comes with one of the India's Largest 14inch ( 35.36cm ) HD Portrait infotainment system, though it looks big and occupies more space, it not only gives the map on the full screen but other functions are visible on the lower screen with split screen option, once you opt for the split screen the deviation and the cursor automatically moves to the first half of the screen.

Automatic powered tail gate: The tail gate has an option of automatically opening once you reach the rear end of the car, but the closure is manual. The biggest advantage is the opening can be controlled with adjustment setting on the Infotainment system. Lower angle which suites the kids as per their height which also is handy for closing. For taller persons the opening angle can be increased.

New Intelligent turn indicator: It offer a hassle-free and safe driving experience. Based on the steering angle, the respective indicator light automatically gets ON/OFF. This automatic signal will be useful when the driver fails to put on the indicator while entering the road from a parking space or during a U-turn.

HD 360 camera view: MG has improved on its camera clarity by providing Full HD cameras for better visual and clarity.

Walk away lock/approach unlock: This is a very advantageous option, you can walk straight after getting out of the car, it will automatically lock once you exit the 1meter outer parameter and once you enter or close to the car with in 1mts it will automatically unlock.

New lED connected blade tail lamps: This provides you a split lighting on the full length of the tail gate, though the strip is full the LED illumination is split.

Anti theft immobilization through ISMART: The app has a facility of switching off the engine at any point of time from the parent mobile

Panoramic sunroof with new touch screen controls: This can be operated in two means one is through the soft ware and the second through voice command. Voice control can give you the complete opening and closing of the sunroof, it can be controlled through setting, it has an option of partially opening option from 10% onwards and more like at a wedge of increase upto to the maximum limit. The option of only vent control is also available.

Expanded 8 color ambient lighting with voice control for desired mood: The ambient lighting now comes with seven colours option, you may select individual colours or through voice command, when you say "Hello MG" and give voice command for individual colours or request for rainbow colour all seven colours glow one after the other, the duration can be set as 10sec, 20sec and so on.

Digital key with key sharing Group and Travelling mode: The Digital key option has a sharing feature, you can share the key access with two more persons with duration option, the time of access can be set and shared.

The other option suites for a group of people less than six including the primary vehicle, while travelling in groups, this option can be shared with five persons of different make vehicles, their location is displayed on the infotainment system.

Digital Instrumental cluster: It has three colour option, Normal mode it is blue, Eco mode it turns Green and Red in sports mode.

Multi Language turn by turn voice guidance: As on now this audio facilities of every landmark and caution comes with five language option of English, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil and Marathi.

ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) Autonomous Level2: There are eleven features in this the first being the Adaptive Cruise Control which is applicable in straight stretches, the Bend Cruise Assistance, Lane Departure warning and Lane Keep assist.

Traffic Jam Assist (TJA) The intelligent (TJA) ensures minimal effort and maximum safety in a traffic jam situation by keeping the vehicle in the middle of the lane and maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

Traffic Jam Assistance, can be activated once the vehicle starts crawling, the minimum speed and distance can be set, once the vehicle stops in a traffic jam and moves as the vehicle in front proceeds automatically within 3 sec, if the waiting time is more than three seconds you need to tap for the vehicle to move further.

Intelligent Head lamp control (IHC): Once the vehicle is motion you need to be on a low beam and depending upon the visibility it automatically gets into high beam and then it reverses back to low beam.

Safe Distance Warning: in this the camera detects the safe distance which is adjustable with the car ahead and cautions the driver, if you are not following it, then the Forward Collision warning is given with visual and voice, if still not heeded Automatic Emergency warning is given and if you panic and apply brakes which is insufficient to stop the car then the Intelligent Hydraulic braking comes into effect and ensures the additional braking to stop the car.

The AEB-Pedestrian cautions you in case of any Pedestrian crossing

The Next-Gen Hector also has other key safety features such as 6 airbags, a 360-degree HD camera, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Traction Control System (TCS), Hill Assist Control (HAC), all four-wheel disc brakes, a 3-point seat belt for all seats, electric parking brake (EPB), and front parking sensors.

The Next-Gen Hector Plus, which is being offered in 5, 6 and 7-seater configurations, offers intelligently designed seating options, plush interiors, and ample space. The interiors are available in a dual-tone argil brown and black theme with a wooden finish. The 6-seater SUV seats come in a captain configuration while the 7-seater vehicle is offered with bench seats.

The Hector, India’s first Internet SUV, was introduced by MG Motor India in 2019 and has since set a new bar for SUVs in India by giving shape to its philosophy of connected, autonomous, shared, and electric mobility.

The Next-Gen Hector brings with it the unique car ownership program “MG SHIELD” after-sales service options. Also, customers will be offered a standard 5+5+5 package i.e., a warranty of five years with unlimited kilometers, five years of roadside assistance, and five labour-free periodic services.

The front navigator/ passenger seat now is 4way power adjustable.



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