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RFC India Season 5, 41 teams gearup.

41 teams gear up for Season 5 of RFC India, to be held in Goa from 21st July to 28th July.

The inaugural edition of the Rainforest Trophy India, to be held in Arunachal Pradesh in partnership with MOCA from 16th October to 20th October

New Delhi, June 4, 2018: The most awaited off-road motorsport battle on Indian soil! Season 5 of RFC India is going to be held in Goa over a period of 8 days from 21st – 28th July, 2018.

This year, 41 teams from across the country, including a women’s team, are going to compete for the coveted trophy. This includes 10 teams from Kerala, 7 from Telangana, 4 teams each from Karnataka and Maharashtra, 3 teams each from Chandigarh, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Delhi and 1 from Haryana. Moreover, for the first time in the history of RFC India, 3 teams from Arunachal Pradesh will be travelling to Goa to participate in the Mecca of India off-roaders. This will be the first time when teams from North-East India will be competing in RFC India.

Launched in 2014, RFC India is one of the top three RFC Global events among the 51 editions held across 21 countries and enjoys a cult following in the Indian and international offroading arena. It is an extreme off-road motorsport competition that tests the contestants’ driving and vehicle recovery skills, team spirit along with their physical and mental strength under extreme off-road conditions. Each team, comprising a driver and a co-driver, undertakes 26 Special Stages (SS) or challenges during the course of the competition. The event follows a point system, where the team with maximum points at the end of the competition claims the RFC India Champion title. The total benefits to the top Indian driver of RFC India 2018 will amount to USD 10,000, including an automatic free entry worth USD 3,900 to the RFC Mother Event, to be held in Malaysia at the end of the year.

The maiden Rainforest Trophy (RFT) India, an extreme offroading adventure expedition, will be held in Arunachal Pradesh from 16th October to 20th October. The organization has partnered with the Manabhum Offroaders Club of Arunachal (MOCA) for conducting this event. It is a non-racing event that was launched by the Rainforest Challenge Founder Luis J.A. Wee in Malaysia last year. RFT India is going to be similar in nature to RFT Malaysia as well as the Borneo Safari.

RFC India will, however, continue to be the flagship event for the Rainforest Challenge franchise in India. With an exciting mix of some fresh faces and several battle-hardened RFC India veterans, it will be interesting to see who wins the coveted RFC India Champion trophy this year.



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