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Priyadarshini Pal Singh is CMO

Apollo Doctor becomes the first Indian to be designated as the Chief Medical Officer for an event of International standards

A 73 member team from Apollo Hospitals deployed for any medical attention required in the track

New Delhi, October 25, 2013: The Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi  the medical partner of JPSI, organizer of India’s 2013 Indian Grand Prix, which is being held at the  Buddh International Circuit in Greater Noida, from 25th to 27th October. It will have a 73 member team from Apollo Hospitals providing medical support services for the event.

The team comprising of trauma and emergency medicine specialists, doctors, paramedics and nurses will provide medical support and cover during the event. This specially created team of experts have undergone extensive training during which they have trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Traume Life Support training.

Speaking on the preparations Dr. Priyadarshini Pal Singh, Head, Accident & Emergency, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, Delhi said; “We have conducted tailor made drills and practice sessions simulating the fast paced nature of the Formula 1 racing. The simulations have included extrications in case of an accident, ambulance transfer and air evacuation drills. During the event, 4 medical intervention vehicles, 7 ambulances and 2 standby helicopters along specialist team of Doctors will be stationed at the medical centre for any medical needs during or after the race.”

Dr. Priyadarshini Pal Singh has been nominated as the 1st Indian Chief Medical Officer for the event. Dr. Singh underwent rigorous training during the Singapore Grand Prix for the past two years and also participated in seminars and specialist training overseas to prepare for this role. In 2012 Dr. Singh was designated as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer prior to being nominated as the Chief Medical Officer for the 2013 edition.


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