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Omega Seiki Mobility unveils RAGE+ FROST

Omega Seiki Mobility unveils RAGE+ FROST for last-mile delivery of COVID-19 Vaccine

In a bid to serve India in providing 360 degrees’ logistic solutions by creating a robust supply chain for COVID-19 Vaccine drive, Omega Seiki Mobility unveils Rage+ Frost, a Smart EV Three-wheeler with the refrigerated carriage purposely designed for pharmaceuticals & food delivery. The company joined hands with Trans ACNR to bring expertise in create such robust multipurpose vehicles.

The electric three-wheeler design has been finalized after in-depth engineering & research to attain a sleek contemporary pilot’s cabin, aerodynamic design, and ample carriage space. Considering the certain parameters, the vehicle resolves the respective issues of vaccine delivery and transportation. The battery-powered vehicle can store vaccines for 72 hours in a stationary state at a temperature as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

“We are excited to launch Rage+ Frost in the market. Pandemic has left its adverse effect on the nation, so this product will help the country in the last-mile delivery of the vaccine. This initiative will mark historic times when it will be on the roads. We are committed to building a strong and healthy nation by contributing with our technology in producing environment-friendly vehicles. The OSM was working hard to develop a product, which will help to deliver the Covid-19 vaccine. The introduction of Electric three-wheelers on the electrification front will be a great initiative to resolve the problem of last mile delivery. This is an important step for the growth of our company as well. Team OSM has been working on many products since March 2020, contributing to the Nation’s electrification drive and sustainable transportation. The all-new Rage+ frost will be available Pan-India in a coming couple of months”, says Uday Narang, Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility.

The new Rage+ Frost brings a concept in pollution-free delivery of essentials, leading to maximum productivity, economic and environmental gain. The smart EV runs on Zero Maintenance Li-ion battery technology with a swappable option in the respective product. The pilot’s cabin supports a roller cage structure for complete driver safety. The aerodynamic design offers a low cost of running at Rs. 0.5/km. The vehicles offer the latest smart technology including a regenerative braking system. The vehicle offers a new generation Electronic speedometer with a top speed of 50km/hr. and a loading capacity of 960 GVW. The refrigerated carriage ensures a 1340-watt cooling capacity at 0 degrees Celsius.

“COVID-19 vaccine is the biggest breakthrough of science in modern human history. Now it’s time to vaccinate. Mass vaccination of more than 1.3 billion people is a humongous task. It involves logistics at unprecedented scale. We, at Omega Seiki Mobility, believe the Government has done the job of making vaccines available. Now it’s the job of industry to take the vaccine to the masses. The challenges of transportation, storage, cold chain and last mile delivery have to be overcome. We at OSM are providing the complete vaccine delivery system. Last mile in India is always the most challenging task and this will be accomplished by our Rage+ Frost. The system has been designed to run on battery for 72 hours. It can maintain 0 to 20 degrees, once charged for 3 days. This is in line with our vision of making vaccines available to all, at door steps. We also have tied up with B Medical a pioneer in PCM refrigeration box technology from Europe for storage in small boxes. These can be cooled to as low as -70degree. These combined with Rage+ Frost provide a complete Vaccine delivery system.”, added Dr. Deb Mukherji, Managing Director, Omega Seiki Mobility.

“Trans ACNR has been in the transportation cooling business for the past 20 years. We command a majority market share in this segment. Our strength lies in R&D and product development in cooling and refrigeration technologies. We are pleased to partner with Omega Seiki who are pioneers in electric vehicles technology. By joining hands, we bring the last mile delivery of products like food, pharma in a temperature controlled environment to our customers. Vaccine delivery will be a major project for us. We are very pleased to launch Rage+ Frost through OSM and Trans ACNR collaboration.”, added Mr. Shatrughan Kumar,MD, TRANS ACNR.



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