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MoEVing launches India’s first new-age multi-modal EV Charging Space

MoEVing, India’s largest full-stack electric mobility platform, inaugurated India’s first futuristic electric vehicle charging space in Yeshwanthpur, Bengaluru. Spread across 12,000 sq ft, this charging space will have high volume electric vehicle (EV) charging points, both fast and slow charging, EV battery swapping stations, EV maintenance stations and EV experience & learning center, all under one roof. Agnostic across OEMs, vehicle types and charging technologies, MoEVing is present in 11 cities nationally, having established 300+ charging points across 40 charging spaces. These charging spaces are both MoEVing spaces as well as network spaces in collaboration with partners.

Speaking about the new EV Charging facility, Vikash Mishra, CEO & Co-founder, MoEVing, said, “We are excited for the launch of the first futuristic EV charging space in India. At MoEVing, we have always been bullish about accelerating EV adoption. With the launch of our Yeshwanthpur facility, we wish to adopt an integrated and interoperable approach towards the whole EV charging and maintenance space, with a goal of powering all charging hubs through clean renewable energy sources. We look forward to working with our partners to expand this network nationally and enabling seamless adoption of electric vehicles.”

MoEVing is here to speed the adoption of EVs in intra-city transportation by using data to optimise vehicles and EV infrastructure in India's fast-growing electric mobility sector. The national and state governments are fully committed to promoting and growing renewable energy and electric vehicle infrastructure, ensuring that everyone has access to healthier air. Government dignitaries Mr. Rajender Kataria, Principal Secretary to Government, Transport, Karnataka attended the opening ceremony.

While taking a tour of the space, Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Rajender Kataria, Principal Secretary to the Government - Transport, Karnataka, commented, “Reduction of transport-related pollution is extremely important for the government, we have taken multiple initiatives to accelerate the uptake of non-polluting vehicles. Today, the need of the hour is adopting an ecosystem approach, having the whole Electric Vehicle value chain work together in synergy. It is equally important to enable the driver-partners and I am happy to see MoEVing leading the way, taking a holistic approach. By deploying EVs in Bengaluru at this scale, providing access to agnostic charging infrastructure that can be used by all for all kinds of electric vehicles, we are making Bengaluru a cleaner city for the next generation.”

With over 12 million electric kilometres on the road just in the first 13 months of operations with a fleet touching close to 1000 EVs, both two and three-wheelers, MoEVing has a proven track record in providing tech-enabled last-mile intra-city services, charging, fin-tech, analytics, and vehicle life cycle management with India’s largest e-commerce, e-grocery, FMCG, logistics and D2C companies. They are Rapidly Electrifying Mobility starting by Disrupting Last-Mile Intra-City Delivery, Transforming a market of 2 million vehicles and constructing a responsible business that is unit economics positive and internationally replicable, with a high ESG impact.



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