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New era for urban mobility with MG Comet EV

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

New era for urban mobility with MG Comet EV

The compact car with a comfortable space inside and will solve you urban parking space issues and a car with a range of 230kms per charge will be one of the preferred car for urban life or at least a second car for family.

The car outlook is a hatch back with a length of less than 3mts, the two door all electric MG Comet EV is a city car like no other and let's see how it fits into a parking space scarcity, increasing fuel prices, search for charging station which is a burden in the busy urban Indian life.

We drove the car for about over 60kms, within the city limits and found it very handy and easy to manoeuvre within the heavy traffic and at places we could reach 92kms speed, but we could feel roll over during negotiating bad surface, while on the sport mode. But definitely it can be a second family car.

While we take you through the car exterior the size of the car is less than 3 meter with hatch back, while looking from outside you feel it might be too compact but that is not the case once you are on the seat you realise how specious it is inside. This car is well suited for the urban life as it take very little space to part and manoeuvring is very handy with the 12inch wheel, the well finished outer is very plain with many options left for personalisation with stickers, graphics and accessories. There are LED rails running in front and as well as on the rear. It is said the personalisation of the car can happen within a span of two days and you have the option of selecting the required choice and the delivery will be done with the same.

While we talk of the interiors, large door makes your access very easy and specially the entry to the rear seat is made very comfortable, as even adults find the entry and exit very comfortable.

Once you get into the car the tall driver seat have both slide as well as height adjustment, the light grey seats with dark grey pattern in between looking uniform right from dash board to steering and seats, but you do have an option of personalising your seat and steering handle at the dealership.

You have a floating twin display with 10.25inches head unit and a 10.25 inches digital cluster.

The digital screen gives you certain information pertaining to the charge in the battery and number of kms can be travelled, the speed and ODO reading, also information related to mode at which the car is running, with three options of Normal, economy and Sports. The cluster also gives you few more additional information.

The touch screen can be customised with different functions available by creating number of additional pages as per your priority. Battery indicator, climate control and Co2 reader showing it in digital form and in the form of plant emerging out of a seed and converting into a tree depending up the carbon reading.

As said earlier the rear seat entry and exit is made easy as the one touch slide and recline passenger seat give you ample amount of space to move in and out for a average adult, once you get in it also had enough of leg space along with head space. While of course the size of the car can only provide you limited boot space, which is sufficient for an office going, school dropping and limited purchase drive.

The center console had two usb charging units along with a hook in the bottom. Since the front doors are wide and large. turning and twisting your self to reach the seat belt is avoided with a buckle provided on the seat for a easier reach. The rear 50-50 split seats when tilted gives you ample amount of space for a long distance travel for two persons. The vehicle has a keyless start and key sharing provision for two, The long press on the break pedal will start the vehicle which will be indicated on the digital cluster as ready.

- Comet EV will be available at an attractive starting price of Rs.7, 98000/-

- Operates on an economical charging cost of Rs 519* per month

o Built on Pure Electric Vehicle Platform

o Comet EV is designed on the concept of BICO—'Big Inside, Compact Outside’

o 17 hot stamping panels for structural safety; 39 stringent tests for vehicle and battery safety

o MG Comet EV comes with a high-strength vehicle body

o 17.3kWh li-ion battery with Prismatic cells with a range of 230km

o Wireless Android Auto and Apple Car Play

o 3-drive modes & 3 KERS modes

o Active and Passive standard safety features includingDual Front Airbags, ABS +EBD, Front & Rear 3 pt. Seat Belts, Rear Parking Camera & Sensor, TPMS (Indirect) and ISOFIX Child Seat

o iSmart with 55+Connected Car Features,100+ Voice Commands

o Floating Twin Display with 10.25” head unit and a 10.25” digital cluster

o Smart Start System, Digital Bluetooth Key with sharing function for up to two people

o One Touch Slide & ReclinePassenger Seat

o Based on the globally acclaimed GSEV; platform comes with a 4-seater configuration

Smart Design

The design of the MG Comet EV manifests the Future-Tech world. Designed on the concept of BICO—'Big Inside, Compact Outside’, Comet EV offers comfortably spacious and enhanced legroom as well as headroom. The Curved Tech Body line accentuates the aerodynamic and stylish aspects of the Comet EV from the outside. The sides of the Comet EV carry a futuristic rear-view mirror design with a floating motif. The aero-craft cabin window in the second row allows for added visibility in the Comet EV.

The MG Comet EV has a comfortable and roomy cabin with a 4-seater configuration with 50:50 settings on the second row of seats. The modern-style cabin space is combined with smart technology configurations with many functions to support this modern urban EV's comfort and interactive aspects. The Comet EV’s multi-function and uniquely designed steering comes combined with intelligent tech and futuristic pod-like controls that lend the EV a modern gadget-like feel. The Rotary Gear Selector is a transmission operation with a futuristic rotary knob decorated with chrome rings and unique patterns. In addition, the centre console is equipped with useful features such as electric window operation buttons and a 12-Volt charging port.

Smart Electric Package

The Comet EV has a range of around 230* km certified battery range, on a single charge. With its practical aspects like easy to drive, easy to manoeuvre, easy to park, easy to charge, and easy on the pocket and environment, the Comet EV is not only a definitive segment creator but also an important and timely offering for urban commuters and EV enthusiasts in India.

*The range figure is based on internal test at ARAI under standard test conditions. Actual performance figures may differ in conditions other than test conditions.

Smart Tech

In the Intelligent Tech Dashboard section, MG Comet EV presents a touch of sophistication. The in-built iSmart system comes with 55+ Connected Car Features & 100+ Voice Commands. It has a Floating Twin Display widescreen with a 10.25” head unit and a 10.25” digital cluster. Moreover, the entertainment system is equipped with widgets with three fully customisable pages to give customers access to a range of entertainment, and connectivity options. Another unique feature of the MG Comet EV is the smart key. The appealing and stylish design of the key adds to the Tech-Vibe of the Comet EV. (Digital key is an aspect of i-Smart, its not associated with the Smart key).

Smart savings

For the urban-young commuter, savings really matter. The Comet EV has been evaluated by MG to provide an encouraging and empowering charging cost of Rs 519 per 1,000 km**.

**Figures may vary as per different power tariffs

Smart Safety

The Comet EV is a safe and robust vehicle in all aspects, be it its exterior or the interior. It comes powered with a 17.3 kWh Li-ion battery with Prismatic Cells that have undergone 39 battery plus car safety tests for a longer cycle life. It is IP67-rated, making it highly resistant to water and dust. All these ensure maximum safety for every possible condition. The High Strength Vehicle Body with 17 hot stamping panels makes the overall structure of the MG Comet EV strong and safe. The Smart EV comes loaded with segment-leading active and passive safety features such asDual Front Airbags, ABS +EBD, Front & Rear 3 pt. Seat Belts, Rear Parking Camera & Sensor, TPMS (Indirect) and ISOFIX Child Seat.

Smart Choice

In addition, MG has also introduced two special editions of the Comet EV- the Gamer edition and the LIT edition - tailored to vibe with the personalities of the next generation of urban commuters—gaming and tech communities, and fashionistas. MG Comet EV will come with several personalisation options including 250+ decal options, graphics etc. to add to the fun and tech vibe of the Smart EV for its different genres of Gen Z customers.


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