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Mahindra Zor Grand electric launched to revolutionise last mile cargo delivery

Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited (MEML), part of the Mahindra Group, launched its all-new cargo electric three-wheeler – Zor Grand a B2B product. The premium product from Mahindra is attractively priced starting at ₹ 3.60 Lakh, ex-showroom Bangalore. Mahindra has 12000+ bookings of the Zor Grand through strategic Memoranda of Understanding with leading logistic companies like Mahindra Logistics, Magenta EV Solutions, MoEVing, EVnow, Yelo EV, Zyngo and more. This unwavering trust in the Mahindra Zor Grand has been enabled by strong in-house competencies in the areas of battery, motor and telematics backed by rigorous validation and experience of putting more than 50000+ 3-wheeler EVs on the road.

The technologically advanced Zor Grand comes with the NEMO connected vehicle platform for fleet management & better operational efficiency, as well as an all-digital instrument cluster that shows State of Charge (SoC), range, speedometer, battery health indicator and the tell-tale lights. The vehicle comes with 5 years/150000 kilometre battery warranty.

Suman Mishra, CEO of Mahindra Electric Mobility Limited said, “The last mile delivery and logistics segment has seen a need for premium and high-quality electric vehicles to enable reliable and cost-effective cargo transportation. We are excited to launch our all-new Zor Grand to effectively address these demands. It offers a power packed performance and enables us and our stakeholders to meet their sustainability goals.”

Mahindra Zor Grand highlights:

Best-in-industry Performance

· Best-in-industry Power of 12 kW ensures superlative performance, more trips, and more earning

· Best-in industry Gradeability of 11.5 degree makes climbing slopes with load easier

· 50 Nm Torque - excellent pickup & acceleration

· Clutch-free, Gearless, noiseless, vibration-free drive – fatigue-free experience

Save BIG

Save up to ₹ 6 00 000.00 in ownership costs in 5 years compared with Diesel and up to ₹ 3 00 000.00 compared with CNG cargo 3-wheelers.

Advanced Li-ion Battery

· Enhanced range of more than 100 km per charge

· Advanced Lithium-ion technology battery ensures a charging time of less than 4 hours.

Better Productivity

· 6 feet loading tray and OE-fitted 140/170 Cu.feet delivery box – carry more, earn more

· 3-side opening cargo tray – easy loading & unloading

Robust quality

· Strong metal body, weatherproof design with cabin doors

· Modern design, attractive colour, trendy new look

Mahindra Reliability

· More than 800 touchpoints for better after-sales service across India

· Vehicle warranty of 3 years/ 80000 kilometre gives peace of mind


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