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FIM MiniGP World series India - Double for Jinendra Sangave

  • Grand double for Kolhapur’s Jinendra Sangave

  • Shreyas Hareesh, Rakshith Dave secure two podiums

Bengaluru, July 24: Kolhapur’s Jinendra Kiran Sangave displayed calmness and plenty of skill to score a double in the first round of the FIM MiniGP World Series India 2022 at the Meco Kartopia circuit, here over the weekend.

Jinendra, 13, held off Shreyas Hareesh, who likes to be known as “The Bengaluru Kid” and a few days short of his 12th birthday, in both the 15-lap races with Chennai’s 13-year old Rakshith S Dave, trailing the front-running duo in third place. The trio dominated the field through the weekend with some fearless riding and filled the podium spots in both races.

Meanwhile, 12-year old Nithila Das from Bengaluru, was the lone girl among four who competed, to complete both the races in sixth and fifth positions.

Jinendra and Shreyas, who had qualified for pole position, put on a thrilling contest marked by slight contacts at high speeds, but both displayed tremendous skill to stay astride their respective Italian Ohvale mini bikes. Jinendra’s calmness eventually helped him to get past Shreyas.

The Bengaluru schoolboy, who, despite posting fastest laps in both the races, paid the price for small errors, while surviving a huge moment in the second outing when he averted a potential high-side.

The pace in the second race was particularly stunning. As in the first race, Shreyas led at the start but yielded ground to an aggressive and a bit more experienced Jinendra who never held back in attacking the corner or exploiting the slightest of openings Shreyas presented.

The weekend programme was compressed for an early finish in view of the inclement weather with spells of showers and consequent safety issues on a wet track.

The FIM MiniGP World Series India is part of the global programme, comprising a total of 15 countries, and initiated by the FIM, the World governing body for two-wheeler racing, in conjunction with Dorna Sports, promoters of the FIM MotoGP.

The FIM launched the MiniGP Series in 2021, as part of the Road To MotoGP programme, aiming to create an equal platform for young riders around the World to begin their motorcycle racing careers.

The results:

Race-1 (15 laps): 1. Jinendra Kiran Sangave (Kolhapur) (16mins, 39.078secs); 2. Shreyas Hareesh (Bengaluru) (16:39.261); 3. Rakshith S Dave (Chennai) (16:52.251).

Race-2 (15 laps): 1. Jinendra Kiran Sangave (16:00.218); 2. Shreyas Hareesh (16:01.277); 3. Rakshith S Dave (16:24.502).

Qualifying (top 4): 1. Shreyas Hareesh (01:03.369); 2. Jinendra Sangave (01:03.641); 3. Rakshith Dave (01:04.103); 4. Nandanan Mahendran (Chennai) (01:04.603).



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