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Drag Race on a standstill.

High Court Questions 5 day permission for Drag Race

The Karnataka high court  issued notice to the permission granting authorities for the Jakkur Air Strip, for granting 5 days for the Sport.  Case was filed by few Flying Clubs and Agni Aero Space which runs a small time Flying activity.  The runway which was either abondened for a long time or hardly few aero activities in place is the matter of dispute. 

Drag race permission for a five long day on a airstrip is not advisable, as you are restricting flying activities. Two day Permissions should be ok as the Aero Space activities are shut for weekend, which was the case earlier. 

To remind the petitioners, Drag races are the Occassion when the whole ground is cleaned and also the track is kept healthy, as the tarmac life is to it's full when you have regular vehicle movement. This has forced the Organizers to cancel this week end drag suppose to be held on 28th and 29th of October.



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