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Bengaluru rallyist Pragathi Gowda signs driver development deal with Sidvin

Sidvin will support Pragathi Gowda and Co-driver Trisha Alonkar as part of the multi-year deal

Pragathi Gowda, a rallyist from Bangalore, has signed a multi-year development deal with Sidvin, a globally renowned Oil and Gas Engineering services company specialising in Deep offshore Floating Production Systems, to help propel her career in the sport. The deal with Sidvin will enable Pragathi Gowda and co-driver Trisha Alonkar to make their mark on upcoming Rally Championships in Asia and Europe.

The 26-year-old Pragathi is a Junior Indian National Rally 2022 champion, winner of the Asia-Pacific Rally Star Cup in 2022, and was named the reserve driver for FIA Rally Star for JWRC in 2023.

As she gears up to set tracks on fire at the forthcoming Indian National Rally Championship and Asia Pacific Rally Championship, Sidvin's multi-year deal comes as shot-in-the-arm for the racer whose career has been on a meteoric rise.

On signing the contract, Pragathi said, “I am beyond excited to announce that I am joining Sidvin and signing a contract for the next three years. The support, and passion within the team are truly inspiring, and I am honoured to be a part of it. Teaming up with Sidvin feels like a natural fit, and I am confident that together, we will achieve great things on and off the track.”

“I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the Managing Director of Sidvin, Mr. Mohan Nagarajan, a veteran rallyist himself, and the entire team for welcoming me and Trisha with open arms and for believing in our potential. I am eager to embark on this new chapter of my rally career with Sidvin by my side. Here's to the hard work, determination, and victories together.”

Speaking on the association, co-driver Trisha Alonkar said, “I am thrilled to share that my rally journey, which began with Pragathi, has been a remarkable experience filled with growth and determination. Today, I am grateful to Sidvin for believing in us and taking the step to team up. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our rallying career, and we are eager to embark on this new chapter with Sidvin by our side. I want to express my gratitude to Pragathi for being an integral part of my journey so far and to Sidvin for their belief in our ability,”

Sidvin has backed prodigal motorsport athletes time and again. They were the first team to have had an Indian participation in the World Rally Championship way back in 2008. They have been associated with C.S. Santosh at the Dakar Rally and Ms. Aishwarya Pissay at the World Baja Championship, which she went on to win and become a world champion. Sidvin is also proud to be supporting Jeffery Emmanuel on his way now to the MotoGP. Now, as Pragathi and Sidvin join forces groundbreaking growth & development are expected to follow.

Speaking of the contract, Sidvin Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Mohan Nagarajan said “Sidvin has always been at the forefront of encouraging and developing Indian talent on the world’s stage be it in engineering or sports and in empowering women athletes to achieve their best. Having worked with Pragathi and Trisha for the last year and a half I’m very confident that they will make our country proud in the world of rallying. Sidvin wishes the young athletes all the very best in the coming years.“



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