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The new McLaren 750S: pure exhilaration arrives in India

McLaren Automotive has announced the local arrival of the new McLaren 750S, with the unveiling of the highly-anticipated supercar in India.


The model, which becomes the lightest and most powerful series-production McLaren to date, features a new rear-wheel drive configuration and is available in coupe and convertible form. Combined with a V8 engine, the model uplifts the already impressive attributes of the renowned 720S to new heights, achieving a segment leading power-to-weight ratio of 587PS-per-tonne (coupe, at lightest dry weight) – a 22PS advantage over its closest competitor.


Designed following meticulous analysis of 720S, the new 750S demonstrates technical advances in weight-saving, powertrain performance, aerodynamics and dynamic excellence to create a supercar built for purists.


The construction of the carbon fibre monocoque, carbon fibre-shelled racing seats and the lightest wheels ever fitted as standard all work towards delivering a low weight vehicle. 750S is lighter than 720S by 30kg (DIN) with its lightest dry weight just 1,277kg, a remarkable 193 kg less than its closest competitor. This process has included the lengthened active rear wing which is 20% larger than the wing of the 720S – further optimising aerodynamic efficiency, yet is 1.6kg lighter due to its carbon fibre construction. Built at the state-of-the-art McLaren Composites Technology Centre (MCTC) in Yorkshire, UK, angle configurations are unique to Coupe and Spider with three main operational positions to improve downforce, reduce drag and the performance of high speed braking.


“For 60 years, our past has fuelled our future. At McLaren Racing, every second can make a meaningful difference on the track for our F1 drivers. At McLaren Automotive, this same DNA drives us, every small change yields significant results.



It is this ethos from which the 750S was created, carrying this DNA into a new era. It improves everything that matters to a driver and raises the supercar benchmark that we previously set so high with the 720S.


“Drivers have long revered McLaren as the epitome of driving performance and the reputation of 720S meant that 750S needed scrupulous consideration to create a supercar that enhanced its predecessor. Supreme attention to detail has allowed us to produce a lighter iteration with truly outstanding dynamic abilities. As with all McLarens, it offers an immersive and exhilarating driving experience that delivers a truly emotional connection for the driver.”

Paul Harris, Managing Director – APAC and China, McLaren Automotive


The new 750S provides ferocious performance, fitted with a 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivering up to 750PS and a torque output of 800Nm. Capable of achieving 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds and 0-200km/h in 7.2 seconds (Spider 7.3 seconds), 750S is quicker than its closest competitor over both distances. In-gear acceleration is amplified by the optimisation of the 7-speed transmission’s gearing and the introduction of a revised kickdown control strategy.


At the heart of the improved dynamic capabilities of 750S is McLaren’s Proactive Chassis Control linked-hydraulic suspension. The new generation system, PCC III, means that the dynamic capabilities of 750S are even greater while maintaining the same levels of comfort while improving overall circuit performance.


Better front-end grip is also a noticeable feature of the new 750S helped by a 6mm wider front track and new suspension geometry – and McLaren’s electro-hydraulic steering, which is widely recognised for its precision and clarity of feedback, now has a faster steering ratio and new power-assistance pump.


Also debuting on 750S is the McLaren Control Launcher (MCL) technology adding another dimension to the driver’s interface with the car. Activated using a button featuring the famous McLaren ‘Speedy Kiwi’, MCL allows the driver to personalise their McLaren driving experience by storing a bespoke dynamic preference – their favourite combination of aero, handling, powertrain and transmission settings – that can instantly be recalled with a push of a button.


“Dynamic capabilities were the key driver in the design of 750S, as we pushed the standards of the industry when it comes to weight, performance, and driver connection. Every element has been considered to enable us to produce a supercar that is every inch a McLaren. We remained committed to delivering the on-road comfort of 720S while improving its circuit pedigree to produce the best power-to-weight ratio on any production McLaren – never losing sight of the core value of McLaren, an emotional connection with the driver.”

Paul Harris, Managing Director – APAC and China, McLaren Automotive

“We are excited to unveil the McLaren 750S supercar, setting new performance benchmarks and promising thrilling driving experiences for our discerning Indian customers. This exceptional vehicle is poised to delight both connoisseurs and auto enthusiasts alike, embodying our commitment to delivering unparalleled excitement on the road. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of our legacy, bringing the epitome of driving excellence to the Indian market.”

Lalit Choudary, Chairman & Managing Director, McLaren Mumbai


The interior has also been reimagined to be even more driver-focused. The instrument display is fitted to the steering column which is now 1.8kg lighter as the pursuit for light-weighting continues into the interior. Mounted on a binnacle, the instrument display has controls to select both Powertrain and Handling on either side allowing the driver to move seamlessly between Comfort, Sport and Track Active settings while maintain their focus on the road ahead. Apple CarPlay® has also been introduced while the new richer graphics on the Central Information Screen feature richer more detailed graphics.


Both the McLaren 750S Coupe and Spider are available to order now from McLaren Mumbai.



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