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Sujith Kumar retires.

Ace navigator Sujith Kumar retires

Bangalore, 5 Nov 2013: Ace navigator BS Sujith Kumar, a well-known name in the motorsports circles, announced his retirement here today citing personal reasons. The 42-year old veteran of over 300 rallies has called pace notes for some of the top rallyists in the country including  Gaurav Gill, Vikram Mathias, Arjun Balu and Lohitt Urs.

``Rallying is a huge part of my life and I can't just walk away completely. So I have finally decided to step aside from participation in the Indian National Rallying Championship (INRC) and I would like to get into administration and do my best to promote this sport,'' said Sujith, who won the K-1000 in 2009 and 2012.

``The reason I do this is because I love the sport just as much as before. Because of my personal commitments I will not be in a position to participate in INRC anymore and this is the next best thing,'' he continued."Over the last 24 years, I have gained much experience from rallying. Now I've decided to take a break. The love for Motorsport will always be there. It's been the biggest part of my life. For so many years the deep love for the sport made me to sacrifices many things trying to get to where I am today in this sport. I think I need to look to the future and I guess one has to move on in life and that time has come,'' he averred.``I know it would be nice if I can say that I would stay just one more year, but then when does it stop? So I have taken a decision, though it is a difficult one,'' said the co-driver who started way back in 1989. ``Finally I would like to thank my employers Sidvin and all my sponsors MRF Tyres, JK

Tyres, Yamaha, Zen Rallying for their support over the years,'' he concluded.

Age : 42 Career : 1989 - 2013 No of Events Participated : Over 300

National Championships Won :

1996 (3rd Group C and 3rd Overall)

2001 (1st 1400cc and 3rd Overall)

2004 (1st 1600cc and 1st Overall)

2009 (3rd 2000cc and 3rd Overall)

2012 (2nd 2000cc and 2nd Overall)

2012 (1st Prostock INTSDRC)

Winner of K-1000 (2009 and 2012)


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