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Satish Kumar and Chethan Chengappa from Karnataka win the 8th edition of RFC

Third consecutive win for spotter Chengappa and a maiden win for Satish Kumar.

After a week-long battle among 27 of India’s best off-roaders, Satish Kumar 36 from Bengaluru and co-driver Chethan Chengappa 39 from Coorg emerged as the overall winners of The Rainforest Challenge (RFC) India 2022. The duo won the eighth edition of India’s biggest and toughest off-road motorsport competition with an overall score of 1895 points out of 2500. This score is based on their performance in the 25 Special Stages (SS) or challenges of RFC India 2022.

Satish has won an automatic free entry to RFC 2022 Mother Event, which will be held in Malaysia at the end of the year.

Expressing his happiness on winning the most coveted off-road motorsport championship of India, Satish Kumar, who is an architect from Bangalore, said, “It is so amazing that I have no words to say! It took seven attempts since 2014 when the India edition of RFC Malaysia was launched for me to make it to the overall podium. I feel on top of the world!” Co-driver Chethan added, “It feels really good. All our hard work has paid off.”

Kabir Waraich and Dushyant Khosla of Chandigarh, who were the winners of RFC India 2021, are the first runners-up this year with 1825 points and N Abinav Reddy and Vishuthi Varun from Hyderabad have emerged as the second runners-up of RFC India 2022 with 1734 points. Two teams from Goa, namely Cedric Jordan DaSilva and Aster Dias as well as Dattaraj Raut Dessai and Siddesh Yadav Naik, have made it to the Top 5 of the competition with 1631 and 1585 points respectively.

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