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Rugved tops MRF MoGrip Supercross Nationals Round 1; Triple for Shlok Ghorpade

Defending champion Rugved Barguje of Petronas TVS Racing team earned the ‘Best Rider of the Day’ trophy and began his title defence with a victory and a second place while Shlok Ghorpade from Satara won a triple in the opening round of the MRF MoGrip National Supercross Championship 2023 at the Codissia ground here on Sunday.

“It was a good race and very competitive. Round 1 is done and dusted. I got the hole shot n the both the motos, and had to play a strategic game to get more points. Moto 2 was an easy victory. The track was fast and with a bit of a rain, the traction was good in the first moto. But we had to keep changing he racing lines in the second,” said the Pune rider.

Prajwal Vishwanath, who won the first moto could only take a third place in the second moto, in the fight between the TVS riders, who swept the honours with Ikshaan Shanbhag finishing Overall third.

Talented Shlok Ghorpade from Satara, who finished fourth in the premier class behind the TVS riders, won the first moto of SX2 and went on to win both the motos in the Junior SX1 for a triple crown and is leading both the classes after Round 1.

Bengaluru’s Sachin D, Hero MotoSports new recruit Karan Kumar of Coimbatore, Shillong’s Banteilang Jerva, local rider Nithyan L and Bengaluru’s Bairav C were the winners of other classes.

Results (Provisional) after Round 1:

Class 1: SX1 – Group A upto 500cc: 1. Rugved Barguje, Petronas TVS, 37 points; 2. Prajwal V, Petronas TVS, 35; 3. Ikshaan Shanbhag, Petronas TVS, 28.

Class 2: SX2 – Gr A upto 500cc: 1. Shlok Ghorpade, Satara, 37; 2. Sarthak Chavan, Pune, 33; 3. Amal Verghese, Ernakulam 32.

Class 3: Novice - Gr C upto 260cc: 1. Sachin D, Petronas TVS, 20; 2. Udayakumar M, Coimbatore, 17; 3. Shilesh Kumar, Coimbatore, 15.

Class 4: Locals - Gr B Upto 260cc: 1. Karan Kumar M, Hero MotoSports, 20; 2. Sabrish R, Coimbatore, 17; 3. Nityan L, Coimbatore, 15.

Class 5: Indian Experts – Gr C upto 260cc: 1. Banteilang Jerva, Petronas TVS, 20; 2. Karan Kumar M, Hero MotoSports, 17; 3. Arun T, Hero MotoSports, 15.

Class 6: Private Experts – Gr C upto 260cc: 1. Nithyan L, 20; 2. Uday Kumar M, 17; 3. Shailesh Kumar 15 (all Coimbatore).

Class 7: Junior SX1 – Gr A upto 250cc: 1. Shlok Ghorpade, Satara, 40; 2. Jinendra Sangave, Kolhapur, 34; 3. Wilmer V, Kochi, 30.

Class 8: Junior SX2 – Gr A upto 100cc: 1. Bhairav C, Bengaluru, 37; 1. Sujan J, Coimbatore, 37 (Joint first); 3. Darshit Chavan, Pune, 25.

Best Rider of the Day: Rugved Barguje, Pune, Petronas TVS Racing team.



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