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Reise Moto signs Ashish Raorane as its official Brand Athlete

Premium tyre manufacturer Reise Moto has announced the appointment of Indian cross-country rally racer Ashish Raorane as its first-ever official Brand Athlete. The Dakar rider has been signed for a period of three years, where Ashish Raorane will be representing Reise Moto at all the motorsport events that he participates in, both domestic and international. The brand's decision to sign the Dakar participant is in line with its image as a brand for the passionate riding community.

Reise Moto is the youngest entrant in the ever-competitive Indian two-wheeler tyre market. Its wide and vibrant portfolio of purpose-centric tyres catering to commuters, tourers, street-naked, adventure and other lifestyle segments makes Reise Moto a brand for all types of riders. The Indian tyre manufacturer will kick-off its events calendar with the TrailR academy in June 2023.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Yogesh Mahansaria, Founder & Managing Director, Reise Moto said, "We are thrilled to have Ashish Raorane as our Brand Athlete. His experience and passion for racing will help us showcase our commitment in delivering high-performance tyres for the passionate riding community. As a premium two-wheeler tyre brand, our aspiration is to be involved deeply with the riding community and understanding the requirements which can enhance their riding levels. Ashish’s experience of competing in some of the most challenging international and domestic races gives him great insights and we are confident that our customers will relate with his experiences."

Sumit Garg, VP & Business Head – Reise Moto, added that “This pact will pave the way for reise to introduce the most awaited competition spec tyres for the off-road aspirants and aficionados alike in this rather niche and underserved market.”

Ashish Raorane is one of the most successful Indian racers with a formidable racing portfolio that includes the likes of the Dakar Rally, Africa Eco Race (AER), the 2019 FIM Baja World Championship series amongst others. He brings a wealth of experience to the brand and will help promote the brand's commitment to delivering high-performance tyres for the passionate riding community.

Commenting on the association, Ashish Raorane said, "I am delighted to be associated with Reise Moto and am looking forward to a promising participation at Dakar 2024. I have already experienced the TrailR range and must say it felt comfortable and promising even in challenging conditions. Their commitment to delivering high-performance tyres for the passionate riding community is truly remarkable, and I am excited to work with them in promoting this commitment. I also look forward to sharing my insights with the Reise Moto team for the development of their entire tyre range.”

Speaking on the new development, Anish Thakkar, head, Marketing, stated, "From a confluence of legacy and expertise comes performance. And what better than someone who has been buoyant in the offshores representing India in one of the most grueling rallies in the world. Hence, it was natural to shake hands with none other than the rally pilot from our local shires Ashish Raorane to unite performance and resilience."

Developed and designed to bring international quality tyres to the Indian roads, Reise is a natural extension of synergies and convergence of the strong pedigree of the Mahansaria group and its tough and rugged DNA, and Mitas’s European lineage and understanding of specialized two-wheel applications and off-road capabilities. In his three years of association with Reise Moto, Ashish Raorane will be sharing key insights with Reise Moto which will be instrumental in the development of next-gen flagship range. This association will also help Reise Moto in the development of competition-spec off-road tyres.

Under Reise Moto’s extensive two-wheeler tyre portfolio, the trailR series has been crafted for the true blue off-roader who wants to conquer every imaginable terrain, while the tourR is designed for the relaxed adventurer who wants to munch miles on the go; traceR series are racetrack-inspired sticky road tyres for the corner carvers, and the troopR caters to the commuter segment. In the scooters category, tripR series are touring tyres to cover longer distances – a first-in-segment, and twistR series is for quick spins in and around the city. Reise Moto is developing a formidable network of distributor partners to sell the Reise range of tyres.

All the SKUs have the same DNA and engineering as the international range of Mitas tyres, which have proven their credentials at the grilling rally championships such as the Paris-Dakar. All the Reise tyres undergo 182 rigorous assessments, through subjective and objective outdoor testing which are done to validate the product performance by professional test riders.

In addition to offering the widest range of international quality tyres for the Indian market, Reise Moto also plans to create specially curated brand experiential initiatives such as the off-road training academy and backcountry trails for encouraging and engaging with the two-wheeler ‘touring’ and ‘adventure’ enthusiasts in India.



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