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Rajendra reclaims glory

Updated: Jun 20

Rajendra who is recovering after surgery looked much more stable and comfortable to win the MRF Rally of Hyderabad, Round 4 of the MRF Mogrip FMSCI National Rally championship-2W 2024, promoted by Godspeed the event was held at Mominpet about 70kms from Hyderabad city. The 20kms newly created stage was suppose to be run thrice, due to time constraints it concluded after two runs. About 66 participants were in the fray.   

With a total time of 35min 22sec Rajendra RE from TVS Racing was the winner the former national champion was reeling from wrist issues and post surgery it was his first win. While the podium was dominated by his team mates Samuel Jacob in second with a 25sec deficit finished second and the championship leader Abdul Wahid Tanveer settled for third with 8sec difference. Arun T from Hero Motosports with a further 8sec difference had to miss the podium, Imran Pasha and Sachin D from TVS Racing and from 260cc class managed to finish in fifth and sixth position. Yuva Kumar from Hero Motosports finished seventh with a 3sec difference which included a 10sec transport penalties, Banteilang Jyrwa was 10sec behind him to finish eighth as Nataraj R supported by VW Sports Foundation and Asad Khan from Chikkamagaluru finished in ninth and tenth position respectively.

Pro-Expert GroupA:

All the four riders were from TVS Racing. Rajendra RE managed to keep his teammate Samuel Jacob behind him in second with a difference of 25sec, Abdul Wahid Tanveer with a further 8sec difference finished third, while lady rider Aishwarya Pissay finished fourth.

Expert GroupA:

Defending champion and championship leader Nataraj R supported by VM Sports Foundation with a 21sec lead was the winner of the class, he also recalimed the championship lead from Asad, Asad Khan from Chikkamagaluru finished behind him in second, while Bengalurians GS Amogh Nag with 33sec difference stood third and Kousthubha M finished fourth.

Super Sport 165 GroupB:

Bengalurians held the key, as Varun Kumar was the topper with a total time of 39min 42sec and Yogesh P followed him in second with 27sec deficit, Yogesh had one second lead on Bharath and in the second run he managed to clock 15sec better timing which put Bharath L in third with 16sec difference as he could not improve on his own timing. Abdul Raheman from Shivamogga and Ramesh Balaji from Bengaluru finished in fourth and fifth respectively.

Super Sport 260 GroupB:

Arun T from Hero Motosports was not at his best in the first run but put up great efforts to improve his own timing by 14sec to grab the top spot, Imran Pasha from TVS Racing was unable to capitalise on his first run lead, while his second run was 18sec slower than the previous and with a 19sec difference settled for second and Sachin D from TVS Racing with1im 4sec difference completed the podium. Yuva Kumar from Hero Motosports and Banteilang Jyrwa from TVS Racing finished in fourth and fifth position. Privateer Jeevarathinam J finished sixth.

Super Sport 400 GroupB:

Donesh Joshi from Panchgani was the winner with 14sec lead on the championship leader Rajesh Swami from Raigad, as Hemanth Gowda M from Bengalure with 1min 2sec difference held on to the podium. Veteran rider from Coimbatore Venu Ramesh Kumar finished fourth.

Super Sport 550 GroupB:

Bengaluru boys dominated the podium in this class as Suhail Ahmed was the winner followed by Mohammed Zaheer  in second with a difference of 1min 32sec as Naresh VS with further 1min 18sec difference stood third, Suhas SS finished fourth. Sharath Kumar who was running third till the first stage had to pull out in the second stage as his radiator  pipe damaged after a rock hit.

Scooter upto 210cc GroupB:

Karthik N and his teammates from TVS Racing share podium in the class as he finishes on top with 38sec lead, while Shamim Khan finished second and defending champion Syed Asif Ali finished third with 9sec difference, privateer from Bengaluru Goutham N finished fourth.

Womens class GroupB:

Tanika Shanbhag from Hero Motosports reclaimed her championship lead after a DNF in previous event, with a 3min 7sec difference she was the winner and Tanaya Singh from  Pune finished second.

Super Stock upto 450cc GroupD:

Mohammed Arshad from Thrissur was the winner with a total time of 40min 51sec, while Bengalurian Subramanya T with less then a second difference had to settle for second position, Uday Kumar M from Coimbatore with 5sec difference completed the podium. Shivam Thakur from Kullu with 1min 14sec difference was fourth and Goutham Rao from Bengaluru finished fifth with a further difference of 1min 30sec.

Star of Hyderabad:

Anuj Siddu was the winner, as Mohammed Wajid Ali finished second with 20sec difference, Manishreddy Kuppi Reddy finished third with 27sec deficit. Mohammed Amanatullah finished fourth and Khalid Banafe finished fifth. The event was organised by Infinity.




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