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Prevail Electric

Coming soon to Indian Electric vehicles market

A new player, Prevail Electric planning to introduce new products for e-mobility

Hemant Bhatt

There are some obvious reasons why one might prefer an electric variant instead of fuel-driven scooters. Electric scooters are an ecological alternative when it comes to budget commuting experience today", says Hemant Bhatt, CEO, Prevailelectric . The company will bring new and smart features to the electric scooters segment. Futuristic Approach Prevailelectric Scooters offer you premium-segment features within an affordable price range. Each variant has been created by combining a traditional scootering experience with a futuristic approach to technology. Precisely, Prevailelectric Scooters are efficient, lightweight, fast off the line, and fun to ride. Easy Charging Not sure about fuel stations, but electricity is everywhere. That is why Prevailelectric Scooters comes with a super sporty charging experience that allows you to charge your vehicle from 0 to 100% in just 4 hours. With that much amount of charge, you can ride up to 110 Kms. While the motor thrives on delivering a high-performing experience every time, the machine assures you a comfortable journey. Smart Scooter Prevailelectric Scooters integrates a luxurious riding style with intelligence. The smart dashboard feature not only offers you a full-time navigation panel but also allows you to pair your mobile phone with it. So what about it? Well, you can now accept/reject calls without actually accessing your phone in traffic. Not only that, but you can also monitor the real-time readings of your vehicle even when you are not around. Child Lock & Antitheft security Next is supreme security. Prevailelectric Scooters come with child and anti-theft locking systems. So the next time when you are not around, these features would keep an eye on your vehicle. Additionally, Prevailelectric allows you to have a key-less entry and a reverse gear feature too. Auto Repair Button We care about your best and worse. That is why we have introduced the ARB feature. Prevailelectric Scooter comes with a smart-assistance feature called Auto Repair Button. It provides you with an extra push of 20-25 Km on sudden breakdowns by going into a default mode. Prevailelectric is the next step towards affordable evolution. Each variant has been created by combining a traditional scootering experience with a futuristic approach to smartness. The Story – Started operating in the Indian market in 2019, FRVelion is parent to Prevailelectric. The company has an astonishing memoir of 50 years in the lubricant industry. While the management has a strong pool of foundation to create market and customer-specific products, the team is dedicated to delivering quality with aesthetic features and looks. With a stronghold in PAN India, FRV's foremost priority is customer satisfaction. That is why Prevailelectric is an engineering vehicle to help you find the most convenient and budget-friendly riding experience. The Mission – Prevailelectric is thriving towards using the most efficient and renewable sources of energy to run vehicles. With that said, our team is driven by passion, innovation, quality, and integrity to deliver optimum results. We believe that renewable and cleaner sources of energy are going to be the 'new normal.' That is why we are committed to offering unique products with exceptional value to our customers. What's Next? We are soon going to launch scooters. Our team is also aiming to introduce and launch charging stations to make people less dependent on conventional and high-priced fuels.

1 comment

1 Comment

R Coli
R Coli
Jun 13, 2021

Yes it is good product, as per time demand and fuel hike..

In fact it should have lonch before...

I am sure it will get success and good for indian market .......

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