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Philippos Matthai crowned National Autocross champion 2022

Ashad Pasha wins 3 titles; Dhruva champ in 2 classes; Jasmehar, Sahil bag a title apiece

It was a triple crown for Ashad Pasha from Chikkamagaluru, double crown for Bengalurean Dhruva Chandrashekar, and a title each for Jasmehar Singh Jubbal and Sahil Khanna, both from Delhi while Philippos Matthai, also from Delhi, not only won the title in his class but was crowned Overall champion for 2022 for being the fastest driver of the BMS fmsci Indian National Autocross Championship 2022 that concluded in Bengaluru with the Grand Finals on Jan 29.

Though Philippos clocked the fastest timing in two of the classes, cone-touching penalty of five seconds, pulled him down in the INAC1 Open, which he lost by about a second, as the INAC 2022 concluded at the Devanahalli Stadium, on the outskirts of the Garden city.

The National Autocross Championship was held in different zones with 8 qualifying rounds and the finalists battled out for the Indian National titles in eight classes, in the Grand Finale, at Bengaluru in January-end.


In the Open class, Dhruva Chandrashekar from Bengaluru clocked 3min, 12.727sec to win the class edging out Philippos Matthai from Delhi, who clocked 3:08.940, the fastest time in the class, before 5-sec penalty for touching the cone. Mathai finished second ahead of Nikhil J, who also coughed up a 5-sec penalty added to his total time with 03:19.325. He salvaged the third place. Roopesh BC came fourth in 03:21.333. Mazdayar Vatcha with a further five-second difference was fifth.

In the 2000cc class, Dhruva, the Bengaluru driver, once again was on top winning his second National title with a time of 3:14.275. Sahil Khanna came in second with less than a second difference and Pramod Raman was third, another 8 sec behind. Uday Pilani and Philippos Matthai finished in fourth and fifth position, respectively. It was the same fate as the Open class for Philippos Matthai, who blistering speed was a thrill to watch, but did not yield the desired result, as the 15-sec penalty slid him down to fifth position. He clocked 03:08.974, before the penalty.

In the 1650cc class, Ashad Pasha with a timing of 03:11.862 won the National crown in this class too. Jacob KJ finished in second position with over a second difference and Jahaan Singh Gill, was a further 8-sec behind which included a 5-sec penalty. Ismail Khan came fourth and Nikeeta Takale finished in fifth position.


Philippos Matthai, became the fastest driver of the INAC finals, with a stunning time of 3:09.396 in the Open class, and made no mistake this time to become the 2022 Indian National Autocross Champion. Jacob KJ took second, 3sec away and Jahaan Singh Gill was third in 3:14.050. Sahil Khanna was second ‘fastest’ but due to addition of 5-sec penalties was fourth. Sumesh with about 600th of a second further difference finished fifth.

In the 1650cc class, Ashad Pasha won the title clocking 3:13.132 as he defeated Dhruva Chandrashekar, who could only manage a time of 03:15.888. Jacob KJ finished third with over 3-second difference. Ismail Khan finished fourth, six seconds behind with a 5-second penalty. Nikhil J and Aditya Kaousgi finished fifth and sixth respectively.

Ashad Pasha 3:22.389; 2. #108 Arvind Dheerendra 3:23.712; 3. #134 Ismail Khan 3:23.923 (Total 9 cars).

In 1400cc class too was bagged by Ashad Pasha for his third Autocross National title as he clocked 3:22.389 to defeat Arvind Dheerendra, who timed3:23.712. Ismail Khan came third in 3:23.923 among the nine cars that took the start, though many more qualified. Abhin Rai and Jasmehar Singh Jubbal finished fourth and fifth respectively.


Jasmehar Singh Jubbal became the Open class National Champion by clocking 03:26.874. He beat Amey Desai (03:30.648) by over three seconds and Gaurav Ladwal finished third with a time of 03:31.690. Neil Nain was fourth and Umesh Rane was fifth. Mazdayar Vatcha came sixth in 03:40.566.


With a clean run, former Gymkhana champion Sahil Khanna won the National title in this class with a total time of 03:33.107 pipping Jasmehar Singh Jubbal by a second. Jasmehar did a quick lap but was slapped five-sec penalty that dropped him to second place. Neil Nain with a further 200th of a second difference stood third. Amey Desai was fourth, another five seconds away and Waseem Pasha and Tzudiypng Jamir finished in fifth and sixth position, respectively.

National Autocross Champions for 2022 - (Winners of the Finals)

1. INAC2 - Open: Philippos Matthai (Delhi);

2. INAC2 - 1650cc: Ashad Pasha (Chikkamagaluru);

3. INAC2 - 1400cc: Ashad Pasha;

4. INAC1 - Open: Dhruva Chandrashekar (Bengaluru);

5. INAC1 - 2000cc: Dhruva Chandrashekar;

6. INAC1 - 1650cc: Ashad Pasha;

7. INAC3 - Open: Jasmehar Singh Jubbal (Delhi);

8. INAC3 - 1650cc: Sahil Khanna (Gurugram);

Fastest driver of INAC Finale: Philippos Matthai


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