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Karters honoured for their excellence

Kyle Kumaran bags top-3 awards, named Best Karter of the Year

Girls from all the three classes were awarded Special Trophies. Shrili Mistry from Vadodara representing Erda's Racing in Micro Max class, Aashi Hanspal from Mumbai representing MSport in the Junior Max class and Bengaluru girl Vidyali Reddy from Kartkrew team in Senior Max class, were the Women in Motorsport (WIM), who were felicitated by Ms. Preeti Rabindra.

Kyle Kumaran received three special awards, the first for Maximum number of Pole positions, second for Maximum number of Wins and third for the Best Driver of the Year. Best New-comer tag was bagged by Mumbai karter Raiden Samervel from Rayo Racing and the Akbar Ebrahim Most Improved Karter of the year was won by Anuj A from Madurai, who drove for MSport team, showed good performance despite being the baby of the grid.



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