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Karna Kadur, Nikhil Pai clinch maiden Karnataka-1000 Rally title

The Bengaluru pair of Karna Kadur and co-driver Nikhil V Pai of Arka Motorsports supported by MRF clinched their maiden Overall Karnataka-1000 title by finishing first in the Prasaditya 46th Karnataka-1000 Rally, a round of the Blueband FMSCI Indian National Rally Championship organized by KMSC despite suffering a heavy damage to their car after clipping a rock in the second stage.

The two day rally was flagged off from the Glass House of Tumkuru by former Minister S Shivanna. 65 participants from across India took part in the 224 Kms of rally out of which 119.1kms was from 10 special stages. The day one schedule was shortened to four Special Stages as against scheduled six following a delayed start due to a technical hitch.

Finishing second, over a minute and 14sec behind Kadur was Mangaluru’s Aroor Arjun Rao and co-driver Satish Rajagopal from Bengaluru of Mandovi Racing also supported by MRF while another pair supported by MRF Delhi’s Philippos Matthai and Harish Gowda from Bengaluru, who returned to rallying after a long break, finished third Overall with further over 1min 43sec difference.

Missed the podium with a mere 3 seconds were the pair of Suhem Kabeer from Virajpet and Jeeva Rathinam from Bengaluru supported by JK Tyres, they managed to stay this close in spite of loosing time due to flat tyre. Maninder Singh Prince and Vinay Padmashali supported by JK Tyres with further 26seconds difference finished fifth. The Bengaluru pair of Rahul Kanthraj and Vivek Y Bhatt from Arka Motorsports supported by MRF were further slower by 5sec and settled for sixth position.

Most disappointed with JK Tyre supported driver seven times National champion Gaurav Gill's dropout were the adjacent villagers and fans who had gathered in large numbers to watch his action and drift, After pulling out 1kms from the start on day one due to drive shaft issues, he restarted on day two and as usual he clocked the fastest stage time, villagers rushed to stage two to watch him but this was short lived, once again he had to retire about 3kms from the second stage start due to a broken front right knuckle. The pair of Fabid Ahmer and Sanath G had already started to cut down the difference by one second in stage one of day two, with a late call he overshot and got stuck in a ditch and had to pull out just 1km from the start of stage two. With this Arjun Rao was elevated to second position but he was unable to cut down the day one difference of 1min 1sec, in spite of damaged car Karna managed to sincrease his lead by 13sec on day two. The pair of Dean Mascarenhas and Gagan Karumbaiah had to pull out on day one after damaging their radiator in the second stream crossing in stage two, but on day two they were the fastest with a leg time of 37min 35sec. Karna was 18sec slower than him. The pair of Chetan Shivram and Dilip Sharan had to pull on day one at the same second stream crossing but after rejoining on day two they had to retire midway.

INRC-2: The pair of Suhem Kabeer and Jeeva Rathinam supported by JK Tyre won the class with a margin of 31sec over the Bengaluru pair of Rahul Kanthraj and Vivek Y Bhatt, Harkrishan Wadia from Delhi and Amber Udasi from Chandigarh supported by JK Tyre driving for Arka Motorsports re-joined on day two and with over 7min difference managed to hold the podium. Suhem began day two in second position behind the day one leaders Fabid Ahmer and Sanath G who had to retire in second stage of day two thus alighting Suhem to top of the class, Aditya Thakur from Solan and Virender Kashyap from Shimla supported by MRF representing Chettinad Sporting were in third position on day one but had to retire the next day. The pair of Ritesh Guttedar M and Lokaranjan HJ finished in fourth position.

INRC-3: The pair of Philippos Mathai from New Delhi and Harish KN from Bengaluru representing Arka Motorsports supported by MRF were the winners of the class with a difference of 29seconds over the pair of Maninder Singh Prince from New Delhi and Suraj Keshava Prasad from Bengaluru supported by JK Tyre. This top two pair were tied in leg one with same penalties. Arnav Singh Pratap from Delhi and Arjun SSB from Bengaluru representing SNAP Racing were slower by 2min 26sec and managed to be on the podium in third place. The pair of Kuber Sharma and Kunal Kashyap began day two in 4th position with 8sec difference bur finally had to finish 15th. Pagathi Gowda and Trisha finished fourth with further 21sec difference, Ajay Shankar and Rohit Gowda finished fifth with further 1min 10sec difference. Chandan KM along with Venu Ramesh Kumar and the pair of Shivani Pruthvi and Deepti Pruthvi finished in sixth and seventh respectively.


Nothing stopped the pair of Aeman Ahmed from Chikkamagaluru and Sagar Mallappa from Bengaluru representing Ammyfied Racing to go for a win with a difference of 3min 29sec over the pair of Rakshith Iyer from Mysuru and Avinash CA from Bengaluru, the winning pair managed to extend their day one lead of 20seconds. The DC Racing pair of Deepak Chandra and Raghuram CG from Bengaluru finished in third position with a further difference of 12min 18sec. The pair of Jagbir Nirwan from Patiala and Karanpreet Mattu from Kurukshetra were unable to hold on to the day one third position, slided and settled for fourth with 10sec difference.

Junior INRC:

The pair of Arnav Pratap Singh from Delhi and Arjun SSB from Bengaluru representing SNAP Racing were the winners of the class with a margin of 21sec over the pair of Pragathi Gowda and Trisha Alonkar who finished second, Ajay Sankar from Kollam and Rohit Gowda from Bengaluru finished third with a difference of over 1min 7sec, they managed to decrease the lead by 26sec from day one. Shivani Pruthvi and Deepti Pruthvi finished in fourth position while the pair of Mohammed Sahil and Eldo Chacko finished fifth.

Gypsy Challenge (Non-Championship):

This was fight for top slot within the team Ammyfied Rallying as the podium was dominated by them. The unchallenged pair Samrat Yadav from Chandigarh and Chandrashekar M from Bengaluru supported by Yokohama held on to the top slot by extending their day lead of 2min 40 sec to win the class with a margin of 3min 35sec over their teammate Himanshu Arora from Delhi and Vikram Thakur from Chandigarh. the third pair of Kariappa Mekerira from Kodagu and Supreeth Sagar from Bengaluru had to settle for third with 4min 5sec further difference, this pair further lost time from their day one deficit of below 3min.

All Women Open:

The MRF supported driver Pragathi Gowda along with Trisha Alonkar was the winner of the class while the Mother and daughter pair of Dr. Shivani Pruthvi and Dr. Deepti Pruthvi from Davangere supported by JK Tyre finished in second position, as Nikeetaa Takkale from Pune along with Deeksha Balakrishna from Bengaluru finished in third position.

The 34-year old Kadur, who enjoyed a comfortable lead after Leg-1 on Saturday, kept his wits about him after suffering some heavy damage to the sump guard in Sunday’s second Stage when he clipped a rock. His mechanics carried out the necessary repairs in 20 minutes flat during the service break which enabled Kadur to continue and finish the second loop without much ado.

Reflecting on the weekend, Kadur said: “It (the win) still hasn’t sunk in, but I am very happy that we won our first K-1000 Rally. We had a fairly smooth run yesterday, but this morning, we had a scare when we clipped a rock in the second Stage.

“The damage was pretty bad in the front because the sump guard got cut. I managed to come back to service and the boys did a tremendous job in carrying out the necessary repairs, including some cutting, chopping and welding, besides fabricating and fitting a new sump guard, all in 20 minutes flat.

"We checked into parc ferme with just 30 seconds to spare. All kudos to our team who did a tremendous job. Yes, a pretty emotional moment. My dad (late Prakash Kadur) never won a K-1000 Rally and so, I am first in the family.”



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