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IMSAC verdict goes in favour of Badal Doshi

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

The two day INRSC championship final round ended with a dispute in 600cc Group A class held at Goa. The winner of season one held in 2019 Badal Doshi had to file an appeal in the IMSAC in season three as he was denied a joint winner status after a tie with defending class champion Sinan. Badal was the winner on day one and was third on day two, likewise Sinan Francis was third on day one and winner on day two. After three months of hearing, finally IMSAC taking into account the entire facts of both the parties, directed the promoter to declare Badal S Doshi and Sinan Francis as joint winners of the 600cc Group A class in the FMSCI Indian National Rally Sprint Championship 2021. Badal wins his second INRSC title from the three concluded seasons.



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