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Ushering in an era of sustainability and clean mobility, VIDA V1 – Powered by Hero – the new age fully- integrated electric vehicle (EV) made its debut .

Designed and developed at Hero’s state-of-the-art R&D hubs, the Centre of Innovation and Technology (CIT) in Jaipur and the Hero Tech Centre Germany (TCG) near Munich, VIDA V1 is being manufactured at Hero MotoCorp’s Garden Factory at Chittoor, in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The development and production of the VIDA V1 follows all-encompassing approach to sustainability involving compliance with strict environmental and social standards in the extraction of raw materials, plus the use of electricity from renewable sources and a high proportion of recycled materials in the mix.

VIDA V1 is being launched in a phased manner, with the product being available for retail sales in Delhi, Bengaluru and Jaipur to begin with, and subsequently in other cities.

Available in two variants –V1 Pro and V1 Plus, the new Electric Scooter can be booked online on and at VIDA Experience Centers in Delhi, Jaipur and Bengaluru from October 10, 2022 onwards at an attractive price of INR. 2499/-. Customer deliveries will commence from the second week of December, with VIDA V1 Plus – INR 145,000/- and VIDA V1 Pro – INR 159,000/- respectively.

(*ex-showroom Delhi)

VIDA V1 Plus is available in three exciting colors – Matte White, Matte Sports Red and Gloss Black while VIDA V1 Pro comes in four colors, including these three and Matte Abrax Orange.


VIDA, powered by Hero offers a comprehensive Charging package for maximum flexibility based on numerous customized programs for hassle-free charging at home, on the road and at work.

VIDA V1 will come with a removable battery. It can be integrated at home to enable safe and convenient charging up to 11kW.

Hero MotoCorp aims to build one of the best charging networks in the two-wheeler segment with fast chargers and welcomes owners of electric two-wheelers of all brands for fast and convenient charging.


VIDA V1 features a high-voltage Li-Ion based battery with Nickel Manganese Cobalt chemistry having a net energy content of 3.94 kWh in VIDA V1 Pro and for the VIDA V1 Plus has a net energy content of 3.44 kWh. Batteries can stand shock loads and have gone through many industry-first test protocols for reliability.

VIDA V1 goes up a gradient of 18+ degrees with a 60 % SOC and 2 riders. The VIDA V1 comes with standard five-year warranty for 50,000 kms. The batteries are covered by a warranty valid for three years or up to 30,000 kilometers.

Both the variants are available in four riding modes – Sport, Ride, Eco & Custom. The VIDA V1 Pro offers a range of 165 kms and VIDA V1 PLUS offers a range of 143 kms.

VIDA V1 and its systems have gone through 200,000 kilometers of testing and validation, and feedback loops that have run for 25,000 hours.

VIDA V1 has been designed and tested for

· Withstanding dusty environment

· Potholes and uneven roads

· Heavy rains

· Water logged roads

· High temperatures


VIDA V1 provides the customer geo-fencing, speed and distance limits. With these and real time tracking, the riders can

· Safeguard their loved ones

· Get riding behavior insights, and

· Prevent theft or vandalism

The 7 inches TFT is an intelligent HMI having a touchscreen enabled Over The Air for easy functionality. The smart 2-way throttle is able to provide reverse and regenerative assist.

The limp home feature, keeps the rider agnostic of being stranded, since VIDA V1 offers the rider an ability to drive at 10kmph for about 8 kilometers to a location of choice, in case the SOC drops below a pre-defined limit.


VIDA cloud is an exclusive interface that engages the rider, vehicle and the service backend to enhance efficiency and reinforce the worry-free experience. The technology interfaces through Augmented Reality, Prognostics, remote diagnostics to repair on-site, book a charging station slot, the analytics, machine learning enhances the ownership experience of the rider.


VIDA V1 features a highly integrated e-drive unit within a single housing that has a PMSM electric motor, IP 68 compliant and transmission. VIDA V1 gives you a top speed of 80 kmph, acceleration from 0 to 40kmph in 3.2 seconds with a maximum output of 6kW.


Bringing a fresh approach to this category, Hero MotoCorp today also announced a slew of first-of-its kind customer propositions and services.

This includes Green EMI, an efficient and seamless financing platform which will not only offer an easy paper less journey but also best-in-class interest rates at 1.5-2% lesser than the prevailing financial options in the market.

Hero MotoCorp has also introduced a Buy-Back scheme that provides comfort & confidence to all first time EV buyers, with a first-in-industry assurance of vehicle buy-back at 70% of purchase value between the 16th to 18th months of vehicle ownership.

In yet another first-of-its-kind initiative in this category, VIDA V1 will be available to customers for TEST-RIDE FOR UP TO THREE DAYS. In addition to Pick- up and drop for customers, VIDA V1 also offers another industry-first initiative – REPAIR ON-SITE – with customer executives available to provide service anywhere.

As much as the digital assets reinforce Hero MotoCorp’s Tech First approach to VIDA, the Company is also creating a host of physical assets, including innovative and exciting Experience Centers at key locations and pop ups in popular malls, designed to provide an immersive and a completely differentiated experience to customers.

Hero MotoCorp is also installing Pods which would be placed in vantage spots across its dealerships in various cities.

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