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Goodyear India has launched the brand-new Assurance ComfortTred range of tyres, an expansion of its Assurance portfolio specifically customized for luxury vehicles in the Indian market. With the combination of advanced technology and a sophisticated tread pattern, the consumer-focused design of the Assurance ComfortTred redefines the luxury driving experience.

Using ANX™ Technology, Assurance ComfortTred delivers a quieter* driving experience on the road. Constructed with an extra noise and vibration canceling layer built with Goodyear’s advanced compound, the tyre is firmly insulated against rolling noise. The closed pattern design helps to reduce air pumping noise while a high number of smaller tread blocks resulting in a lower impact force, thereby delivering a quieter driving performance.

In addition to the ultimate comfort and quiet ride, Assurance ComfortTred tyre is designed for safety from the first mile to the last, in terms of wet road grip and shorter breaking distance*. The new generation tread compound features a high amount of silica and resin for additional traction which provides incremental modulation to the road surface, leading to a better road contact and water evacuation.

Mr. Sandeep Mahajan, Chairman & Managing Director, Goodyear India Limited said, “We are excited to introduce Assurance ComfortTred, a new product from Goodyear, tailored for luxury vehicles. Assurance ComfortTred is a true comfort provider that enables the vehicle to become a quiet space for the riders and thus provide superior driving experience to consumers. As a pioneer in tyre technology, Goodyear has always been at the forefront of innovation and our endeavour is to offer best-in-class products in line with evolving consumer needs”.

Assurance ComfortTred is available in 7 sizes in Indian market.

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