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Dubai-based Indian stars in endurance karting

Arjun Manjunath ropes in 4 Indian karters to win Nations Cup

Dubai-based Indian karter Arjun Manjunath representing team EBC Brakes in the final round along with four other Indian Karters Rachit Singhal, Aditya Swaminathan, Jamie Shaw and Aashi Hanspal won the 24-Hour Dubai Endurance Karting Championship in the Nations Cup held at Dubai’s Motor City.

Arjun took part in all the four rounds of the Championship with different teammates but the EBC Brakes team took a call to field only drivers in the final round and the four Indian karters won with aplomb.

Team EBC Brakes started its winning spree right from Round 1, a 400-lap race. Round 2 commenced after the pandemic lockdown in September with the team winning the six-hour non-stop race and took the lead in the standings. The 12-hour non-stop Round 3 once again was once again won by EBC brakes in October.

Stop and Go, an UAE team was in second place at that time with 97 points while EBC had 120 points. The 24-hour final round endurance race was held in December and the EBC Brakes team slid down the grid order from eighth position in qualifying and into a free fall in the race which eventually saw the team finish 17th overall.

Links Circuit at Dubai Kartdrome witnessed full 24-hours and 1130 laps with the mandatory 28 pit stops of 3.5 minutes each by Team Stop and Go which dominated in this class.

Team EBC brakes managed to finish 5th by adding 43 points in the final round and won with 162 from four rounds and managed to hold on to the Nations Cup 2020. With a deficit of 5 points, Team Stop and Go, UAE finished second. Team Resolute Racing karters came third with 115 points by accumulating 24 points from Round 1 with karters like Pramil Singh, Roydon, Yash and Akash in the team,Suhaib Ali, Yash Ramanuj, Akash and Aspar Wani accumulated 22 points from round 2, 30 points were grabbed from Round 3 by Pramil Singh, Pratham, Yash Ramanuj, Suhaib Ali and Aspar Wani and 39 points was gained from final round by Sawan Sathyanarayan, Suhaib Ali,Yash Ramanuj, Pratham, Akash, Yamini Nag and Saharsh.


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