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Dr Amit Samarth rides 1131 km in 41:46 hrs from Chennai to Nagpur

The Nagpur Cycle Mayor, Amit Samarth added another feather to his helmet. The Scott Ambassador rode from Chennai to Zero Mile, Nagpur non-stop without a sleep break. He commenced his journey on Sunday, March 13 and ended his ride at his hometown on Tuesday evening , March 15. He cycled through Nellore, Ongole, Miryalguda and Hyderabad and covered 1131 km in 41:46 hrs.

Amit rode his SCOTT Plasma and ADDICT RC which assists him to achieve the target within the time and he passed through hardest segments. Dr Amit Samarth challenged himself by passing through #NOSHORTCUTZones, the most demanding route segments. He pedaled through Miryalguda 500 km mark to Kothaguda with an avg gradient 0.3% over the total distance of 100 kilometres and pass through Tandra at 870 km to km Gudihatinur, which includes a maximum gradient section of 9.1% in the middle of this section.He was well supported by his team who helped him throughout his journey.

Amit Samarth, Scott Ambassador said, “It was a very tough ride, in terms of weather and heat conditions. It was very humid in Chennai and later on weather was very hot and dry with warm wind all the way upto Nagpur. I am really happy...I had to really dig deep to get MZM 2.0 done. In the end, we as Endurance Athletes look forward to toughest challenges to overcome. Because tough challenges will make you tough. Humans need challenges to progress.”

Jaymin Shah, Country Manager at Scott Sports India said, “Dr. Amit Samarth is the best ultra-cyclist in the country. Time and again, he proves that he goes ahead and achieves it once he sets his mind. I'd like to congratulate him, the support team, and Indian Oil, who sponsored his endeavour.”



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