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Bengalurian Sachin fastest

Sachin D from Bengaluru clocked the fastest time of 6min .852sec in the VM sports foundation powered MMSC 2W sprint rally series 2023 held at MMRT, Chennai. Two rounds each was scheduled for two weekends, while round 1 went off well, round 2 on sunday had to be cancelled due to heavy rains.

Upto 260cc GroupB: D Sachin from Bengaluru clocked 6:00.852 to win the class, Stephen Roy RA from kotdagu with about .400th of a second difference finished in second position, Trinesh V from Hoskote completed the podium with a further difference of over 7sec, Rehana Bee from Chennai with over 24sec further deficit missed the podium and settled for fourth position, Nagaraj V from Erode was further slower by 26sec to finish in fifth position , Vinoth Kumar S from Perandurai finished in sixth position with a further difference of 1min 6sec.

GroupA upto 500cc: Both the riders were from Chennai as Tagore Suresh Babu clocked 7min 51.315sec to win the class as lady rider Nivetha Jessica was 21sec slower and had to settle for second position.

GroupB upto 165cc: Abrar Pasha from Shivamogga with a total time of 6:17.567 topped the class as Stephen Roy RA from Kotdagu with a time of 6:19.749 finished in second position, finished third was Goutham Rao R from Bengaluru with a time of 6:39.640 and the rider from Kottayam Chalass K Bose clocked 6:52.891 to finish fourth.

Upto 400cc GroupB: Akhand Pratap Singh from Uttarakhand was the fastest in the class with a total time of 6:25.112 as Naresh VS from Bengaluru was one second behind to settle for second position and Sukumar K also from Bengaluru was a distinct third with a difference of over 19seconds.

Upto 260cc GroupD: Asad Khan from Chikkamagaluru was the winner he managed to take a lead of over 22seconds on Satish S from Bengaluru, Akhand Pratap Singh from Uttarakhand with a further 4sec deficit completed the podium. Kiran Kumar S from Mysuru with less than a second difference about .260th of a second missed the podium, two Bengalurians Abhishek Dhaka and Sukumar K finished in fifth and sixth position with a further difference of 8sec and 34sec respectively, Localite Hariharan L representing Alisha Racing with 9sec difference finished in seventh position as Vincent Paul from Bengaluru finished a distinct eighth.

Open class: Bengalurian Sachin D was the topper for the second time in this round with a total time of 6:30.612, Trinesh V from Hoskote with less than 2seconds difference was second, Bengalurian Naresh VS with 14sec deficit finished in third position. Vinoth Kumar S from Perandurai was further slower by 1min 2sec to finish fourth.

Royal Enfield class: Naresh VS from Bengaluru finally managed to reach the top position which was his third podium in this round with a total timing of 6min 30.612sec, Localite Saravanan V from Alisha Racing with 12sec deficit finished in second position, Ashwin Anantha Raju from Bengaluru was further slower by over six seconds but managed to hold on to podium. Mohammed Arif with 3sec difference was unable to make it to the podium and finished in fourth position, Abhijeet Sarkar from Bengaluru with further 20sec difference finished fifth, Hariharan L from Alisha Racing with further 22sec difference was sixth.

Teenager class: Shreyas Hareesh from Bengaluru clocked 7min 4.182sec to win the class, Rakshith S Dave from Chennai finished in second position with 36sec difference.

Women class: Localite Rehana Bee clocked 7:01.442 for a win as Nivetha Jessica with 1min 12sec difference finished second.



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