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Back to back win for Natraj R.

It was the Defending National Champion from TVS Racing R Nataraj's back to back win at Indore. After winning the season opener at Vadodra. He once again claimed the title with a comfortable margin of 57 seconds over his team mate Rajendra RE riding a TVS Apache RTR200 4V.   While his another team mate from Ladies class followed the suit by a back to back win. Pinkesh Thakkar from Pune dominated the Scooter class.

The Rally of Indore was the second round of the back to back round 1 and 2 for the MRF Mo-Grip National 2w Indian National Rally Championship. Close to 50 participants were part of this round including four women riders. The 17-km stage was taken three times with two service provisions.

In Class 1, Nataraj R from TVS Racing riding a RTR 450FX won with a total penalty of 44:18 minutes. In Class 1A, Jatin Jain from Nagpur clocked 51:13 to win the class and was followed very closely by Jeevan Gowthalli from Chikkamagaluru with a total time of  55:48.

In Class 2, Vignesh M from Coimbatore was the winner by clocking a total time of  58:55, Jose Sabastian from TVS Racing came in second by clocking a total timing of 1:00:09 Vipul K Prajapathi from Vadodra came in third by clocking 1:00:50.   Kaustuubh S Machee from Nashik came in fourth followed by Rakesh Kumar V from Bengaluru in fifth.

In Class 3, Imran Pasha J from TVS Racing with a total time of 47:50 minutes won beating Sachin D from Bengaluru with a timing of  48:20 who finished second, Saravana Kumar K finished third with a total time of 49:47 while Francis Pv from Chickkamagaluru finished fourth followed by Sabarish R from Coimbatore in fifth.

In the Class 4, Rajendra RE from TVS Racing was the winner with a total time of 45.15 minutes. He was followed by Suhail Ahmed, a Privateer from Bengaluru, in second clocking 46:56. Samuel Jacob from TVS Racing with a total time of 49:09 came in third. Shekharan Erimal from Raigad and Sharath Kumar from Bengaluru finished in fourth and fifh positions respectively.

In Class 5,  Venu Ramesh Kumar from Coimbatore clocked 51:23 to win the class.

In Class 6, Vinit Sharma from Indore with a total time of 50:55 minutes was the winner and Nilesh Y Thakare from Nashik came in second by clocking 57:53, Santosh Kour from Chikkamagaluru by clocking a total time of 59:59 finished third. Sumesh Reddiar from Bengaluru had to settle for fourth.

In Class 7, Pinkesh Thakkar from Pune by clocking a total time of 1:01:13 was the winner he was followed by Zeeshan Sayed from Thane in second he clocked a time of 1:09:50 to finish second. Syed Asif Ali had to face mechanical issues in the final stage but still manged to clock 1;10:43 to finish third.

In Class 8, Aishwarya PM from TVS Racing won comfortably in a time of 57:21 followed by Gurmail Kaur from Vadodra in second by clocking 59:55. While Fazeela from Palakkad  by clocking 1:01:30 finished third.  Richa J Patel from Vadodra came in fourth position.

In Class 9 for the Local boys, Narendra Singh Pawar was the winner by clocking 5145.. Muzaffar Ali came in second by clocking a total time of 5153  Shabad Karim Chisti by clocking 52:38 came in third.  Talif Khan came in fourth while Axam Khan finished fifth.


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