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Arjun dominates Asia Cup Series.

Continuing on a strong spree from coming 2nd in The J K Racing series Championship in the FB02 cars , Arjun had a brilliant qualifying amongst the 17 FB02 cars taking part in the Asia Series and started 2nd with a time of 2 mns 16.215 seconds behind Aston Hare of South Africa who was also Last  Years Champion .

  It was Arjun's first ever race in the rain at the Sepang F1 circuit in Malaysia . Due to a slip in the clutch Arjun lost 5 places in the Start and was coming 7th . He found his Pace in the Race and as the 10 lap race progressed he slowly and steadily made his way back and made a good final move to finish second in the Asia cup series . A parallel series which is the Super 6 series which consists of 6 races to be run fromThursday through Sunday saw Arjun take Third Place . Race 7 got him the much needed practice in a rain race and Arjun is now looking forward to the Two races to be held on Friday . By Virtue of him having the 4th Fastest Lap he will start 4th for Race 8 and 2nd for race nine .

  Arjun was very happy with his first race performance in the Rain and said that "  in spite of my bad start , I kept my focus and wanted to make the best use of the opportunity to race in the rain. I was going faster each lap and finished the race with my personal fastest Lap in the Last lap .I would like to thank J K Tyre, Embassy Group, Kirloskar Electric and Bosch for supporting me ."Asia Cup Series is a Single Team Championship run by Team Meritus on a single Track - Sepang F1 .

Continuing on a strong spree with race 7 , Arjun won the Asia cup race 8 in the Rain in his Formula BMW FB02 car . The conditions were more or less dry till there was a downpour just 30 minutes before the Start of the Race . The race was declared a wet Race and all the Rain tyres were mounted on the Cars . Arjun said " I started 4th on the Grid and used all the learnings from yesterday's Maiden wet Race . We analysed all the Data and my driver coach gave me tips on what I should do  . Most important was to get a good start which I did  and by the end of the 2nd Corner I had moved into second Place ." Arjun was extremely happy with his first International win. He said " 5 years ago I won my first International Go Kart race in Malaysia and I was really feeling good . Today , coming First in a formula BMW in Sepang made me feel on top of the world ."

After winning his First International win in Race 8 , Arjun finshed a very close second in race 9 after he attempted to take the lead in the Last Corner from Andhika Sasabone of Indonesia .

Results . Race 8

1. Arjun Maini (India ) 2. Matthew Swanipoel ( South Africa 3. Daniel Woodroof ( Malaysia )

Race 9

1. Andhika Sasabone (Indonesia) 2.Arjun Maini (India ) 3. Matthew Swanipoel ( South Africa)



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