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All women racing team to debut in JKNRC.

All-women racing team to debut in JKNRCAll-women racing team to debut in JKNRC.

Chennai, July 1: An all-women professional racing team will be seen in action for the first time in the history of the JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship.

Over 60 ladies from different parts of the country converged at the Karti Motor Speedway in Coimbatore earlier this week to bag the 12 coveted seats on offer.

They were all given basic driving lessons and training for the first two days, before the best 24 got to participate in the selection trials.

The top five, plus a celebrity driver in the form of Marathi actress Manisha Kelkar, were eventually picked who will now compete in the 21st edition of the JKNRC for Team Ahura Racing, starting this weekend.

“These are exciting times for Indian motorsport. We were pleasantly surprised to see so many women turn out for the Talent Hunt,” JK Motorsports head Sanjay Sharma said. 

Local girl Roshni proved to be the best driver, taking the first place with the fastest time of 1:19.081 minutes. The other lucky girls were Lea Daran (Meghalaya; 1:20:137), Priyamvada (Bengaluru; 1:20.169), Megaa (Coimbatore; 1:20:712), C Hansuja (Bengaluru; 1:22:333) and Manisha Kelkar (Mumbai; 1:23.300).

Three-time national racing champion Sarosh Hataria’s Ahura Racing conducted the elaborate Talent Hunt and Driver Selection process. A five-member team evaluated the drivers based on fitness, car control, speed and lap times and picked the final 12.

“We got over 120 entries from all across India. As many as 60 women turned up eventually which is amazing,” Sarosh Hataria said. “Our goal is to make them truly competitive, to ensure that they upstage the boys,” he added.

“I have to thank Ahura Racing and JK Tyre for giving us this opportunity. All of us girls had a great time during the trials and now we are charged up to compete in the National Racing Championship. It’s a dream come true,” the winner Roshni said.



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