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Aditya finishes 13th at ADAC GT Masters.

Aditya started race 1 in 14th position on the grid, with a lot of confusion on the weather front.

Practice and qualifying were run in blistering hot conditions, and Saturday morning before the race was wet and cold. A few hours before the race , the sun began to peep out, and so the team was happy that they could run on the existing set up. Unfortunately, just befor the race it cooled off again, with track temperatures dropping  a good fifteen degrees. Aditya and Daniel would have to manage with what they had.  Aditya drove a steady race, conceding one position to the team car of Asch and Stoll. Daniel took over for the second half and kept it going , to finish up 15th.

Considering all the trouble they had, Aditya was happy they finished the race in the midfield.

Race two on Sunday, saw the team engineer and mechanics working frantically again to get the car to handle . They had nothing to lose, as they would again have to use the race to test some changes. Sebastian Asch and Florian, started 20th and Aditya and Daniel started 21st for the second race.

The start of the race was mayhem, and Stoll managed to get away from several spinning cars, while Daniel got hit, trying to avoid a spinning BMW. This resulted in a slightly bent rear spoiler, making the car a handful to hold on to.

Daniel kept going, and as the safety car came out , rejoined the pack in 17th position. From there on there was no looking back. Daniel and Aditya drove a brilliant race to come in 13th, starting from 21st.

Aditya said he was happy, as they got plenty of feedback to setup the car for the next race, and considering all  the trouble they had in practice , they are happy to finish.

The car with Asch and Stoll finished a strong 8th, and in the points. A good day for the team, after all.



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