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A dominating stance

We recently had the opportunity to test drive the New Kia Sonet in Bhopal, and are impressed with its performance in all areas. 

The majestic attitude of the new Sonet is redesigned with few outer looks, interiors, tech and safety. Also made it look intimidating, more bolder and fantastic.

In the front view:

The tiger nose grille with Knurled premium dark metallic surround outstands and when we talk of head lamps, they differ in all the three trims, while in the GT-Line and X-Line the new head lamp and the DRLs design is based on futuristic star map lighting, there is crown jewel led headlamps and star map led DRLs- the DRLs come with side turn indicators and are positioned just above the headlamps, DRLs are placed just below the bonnet cover, in the bottom at the edge of the bumper is placed the sleek led fog lamps, beginning from bumper edge towards the bottom is the Sporty Aerodynamic front skid plate with dark Metallic accent.

In mid trims- halogen replaces the led headlamps and the side indicator and the ice cube formation LED fog lamps are just below.

Entry trim has a halogen MRF headlamp and seperated below are head light indicators.

While we look into the side view: The GT-Line comes with a Glossy black roof rails with a chrome belt line bordering the window glass, while the door handle comes along side the body colour, the door Garnish is dark metallic while it varies amongst other trims. The wheel size of 16 inches is standard amongst all variants, but 4 different wheel styles are made available, for GT-Line and X-Line crystal cut sports alloy wheel are in the menu and in the  Upper mid trim it is crystal cut alloy wheels, mid trim it is styled steel wheels and  steel wheels with full cover for entry trim. The all wheel disc brakes enhances braking performance, so you are always in control and brakes are too sharp.

When we talk of rear: You can see a Shark Fin Antenna coping with the body colour and the similar colour spoiler which gives a sporty look.  You have a Star  futuristic star map lighting. The star map led connected tail lamp further connects to the LED light bar throughout the rear door, the led stop lamp is only available in mid and upper trims.

The reflectors are repositioned and below you have the sporty aero dynamic skid plates in GT-Line and Tusker inspired masculine skid plates in tech line.


The driver seat height adjustment is manual apart from that you have a 4way electrical adjustable. Both the driver and co-driver seat is ventilated, thus increases the driving comfort. The 20.32cm touch screen with wireless Android auto and Apple car play and the 10.67cm Colour instrument cluster  are adjacent in the same height. 

Six Airbags shields and protects you from all three sides, 16 inches wheel, Electronic Stability Control ESC, Hill Assist Control HAC, Vehicle Stability management VSM all these are part of the Standard Safety package across all the trims. Smart Pure Air Purifier with Virus and Bacteria Protection ensures you breathe the cleanest of air inside.

The instrument cluster had the rpm meter as the driving and traction mode, Blind view monitor depending upon the turn direction and lane assist is displayed on the same screen. On the touch screen various  displays like Sound, FM, Map, Surround image, 360 degree camera, driving rear view monitor and the rear view camera with guidelines can be seen.   The rear view camera with guidelines and surround images can be visible side by side, making reversing movement easy and visible.  Three C type USB chargers are provided one in the front and two in the rear.

With no extension of leg space is possible, alternate is done on the thigh space by increasing the  edge height and by scooping the front seat rear portion, which prevents knee rubbing.  Rear Door Sunshade curtains are part of this trim. Sunroof can be operated through voice command in Hinglish as well, while the front and rear windows also can be opened and closed through voice command. Selective commands are available based on the trims. There are much more commands in english for maps, FM, etc,.

ADAS Level1: Lane departure warning cautions you with an beep once you are trying to get near or cross the white line on either side- followed by Lane keep Assist  and Lane Following Assist which will create anti steering torque depending upon which side your departing the lane without turn indicator input. Driver Attention Warning- depending upon your driving style it detects your fatigue and suggests you to take a coffee break display on the cluster.    Leading Vehicle Departure alert- While both the vehicles are in a standstill and once the vehicle in the front moves and if you do not react, you receive an alert.   High Beam Assist- depending upon the front illumination and road visibility it automatically adjusts the light beam.  Forward Collision warning an Forward Collision Avoidance Assist can only detect, Pedestrian, Car and Cyclists. It warns and then brakes and holds it for about 3sec there on it releases, if it is further required to be stationary you need to hold the brakes.

KIA Connect: It has about 70 features, which include 12 new features across various domain. It has Keyless entry, Remote Climate control , Lock /Unlock facility, Horn and light control, Tyre pressure information, Fuel Level Information and find my car with Surround view monitoring- this provides a picture of your car and its surroundings on your mobile irrespective of the location.  

Technical specifications: In petrol comes with MPi 1200cc with 5speed manual transmission, GDi 1000cc 6iMT and 7DCT. In Diesel DRCi 1500cc 6MT, 6iMT and 6AT.  Interior colours and Seat Patterns differ for X-Line, GT-Line and Tech -Line.


Overall, the new Kia Sonet offers a variety of technology features that will attract the new generation customers.  If priced competitively, the new Sonet is worth consideration in the compact SUV segment.





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